Isn’t Communism Great!

By:  Diane Benjamin

First the good news:  Pantagraph writer Steve Vogel has temporarily learned that telling elected officials to ignore citizens (check your email instead)  speaking during Public Comment was foolish.  He also learned that using 50+ people to describe how many attended Alderman Lower’s Town Hall was deceptive on the bird-cage liners part, so he upped the number to 65.  Getting closer Stevie.  Was your daughter there to report back to Renner?  He failed to mention the outrage expressed by many over Renner’s hotel and the lousy management of the Coliseum both by CIAM and the City.  Nice try though, let’s see if he will continue attempts at accurate reporting.  Time will tell if his Saturday column was just a fluke.

The only difference between socialism and communism is the force used to make you comply.  I expect Bloomington-Normal to be walled off any day now to keep people from fleeing.

Chris Koos wants up to a 1% Sales Tax, but he comes with gifts:  mental health help, soccer complex, public transportation, and tourism.

In other words, Uptown isn’t performing and emergency funds are needed to keep balancing his House of Cards.  Let’s see proof it’s not Chris.  We all know tax receipts are down in both towns.

How convenient is it that Renner has his handpicked group of cronies (Budget Task Force) reviewing the budget and making recommendations to the Council in September.  A one percent Sales Tax increase would probably close the $7 million gap.  The Markowitz 1/4% tax increase generates the $2 million a year needed for the Coliseum and more for the renovations at the BCPA.  Citizens are being set up for the next tax increase.

Who is going to be left to pay the additional tax? It didn’t work out well for Illinois when they raised the income tax.  Just last year another 95,000 people left, many more left in prior years.  Comparing our Sales Tax rate to surrounding cities isn’t comparing apples to apples.  How do the property taxes compare?  How does the endless list of fees compare?  How about all the taxes that have already been raised?  Don’t forget to include garbage service.

I hear Diana Hauman said yesterday at her “Coffee with a Councilman” Bloomington has no intention of raising the sales tax.  Maybe she hasn’t had her free lunch yet with Renner.  She also told those in attendance the downtown hotel is dead.  Sure.

News flash:  Government thinking they are entitled to your money because there is a “greater good” is communism!  It’s also never worked anywhere it has been tried.  The local clowns just think the previous guys didn’t do it right.

One more insult to taxpayers is the $1.3 Million for new scoreboards at the Coliseum.  A reader reported that refurbished boards can be had for $60,000.  Since attendance at sporting events barely makes it worth opening the doors, why fleece taxpayers?    Windows 98 isn’t much of a problem since Microsoft quit supporting it in 2006,  Seems like the current boards still functioned without Microsoft.  My sources also tell me the $1.3 includes ADDING a scoreboard!  The tiny crowds can’t see the one they have already?  Seriously?

That vote should be interesting.  5 Council members will be on the ballot in the next election.  No, I won’t forget who voted to waste your money while the roads are falling apart and Renner can’t figure how to spend only what the City receives – without raising more taxes!




13 thoughts on “Isn’t Communism Great!

  1. Tax increases are a done deal. Koos and Renner already had their discussion. When Renner gets back in town, the arm twisting will resume. Koos knows Bloomington HAS TO raise taxes to close the budget gap with little left for “extras.” so he sees his chance to take advantage of the situation for his own agenda.

    According to The Pantagraph, “Normal officials have voiced strong support for a community soccer complex and said the town would maintain the complex after it is built. Initial building costs have been estimated to be about $14.5 million.” Where do you think the maintenance money will come from, Mr. Fritzen?

    According to The Pantagraph, “Koos said the sales tax could increase anywhere from a quarter-percent to a half-percent to a full percent. Bloomington and Normal TOGETHER could see an addition of between $4 million and $16 million a year from a sales tax increase, he said.” The key words in that statement are COULD & TOGETHER.(combined??)

    This makes me sick. Living on a fixed income means I have to give up something I need.

  2. Need a binding referendum on any new taxes can be used for projects as noted. None of the general fund, rob Peter to pay Paul theory. Seriously bet that citizens would fully support this.

      1. Is that the deadline? Beats me. How many signatures needed? Beats me. Just a suggestion, however where there is a will, there is a way! With respect I think that most citizens would sign with little hesitation a well worded document demanding such use of their tax dollars.

        As you seem to be a good researcher please advise as I will set my goal for at least 500 signatures if this is a go.

      2. September is when the Budget Task Force presents their recommendations. The budget has to be approved by April before the end of the FY. The number of signatures needed is based on a percentage of votes from the previous election. Since that number was so low, it shouldn’t be difficult to get enough signatures. I don’t know where to get the necessary forms though.

        Here is a link with general information:

        While scanning through the City website I found this cleverly written document relating to budgets. I sent to all the Council members.

  3. For Leftists (Marxists) like Koos and Renner, tax increases have NOTHING to do with budgets, priorities or needs. Deep down, they truly believe that ALL wealth rightfully belongs to the Government, so any additional money that can be taken from you through increased taxation furthers that goal. It’s all about the ideology, the “Cause”–the ultimate destruction of private property, private wealth, and individual liberty. They work for those goals ever day, by their every action.

    1. The thing is, the right does it too. Remember the bailout? Wisconsin under Scott Walker gave tax credits to a private company who is outsourcing jobs to Mexico. Look up Eaton. Plexus laid off employees after getting tax credits. So far, no money is being recovered. Walker wants to eliminate the oversight agency that found the issues. Is Walker a Conservmunnist?

    2. They see the short term gains for themselves but I honestly believe that they are too stupid to understand the bite in the ass they will receive down the road. There is no honor among thieves. Not just a cliche but reality.

  4. Libturds do NOT use the word tax They us words like investment in the future. Renner wouldnt be so crass as to use the word tax. Or would he? When the house of cards falls the entire county will pay. When the house of cards called the Federal budget falls the entire country pays. Either way we r all screwed.

  5. I think capitalism, socialism, and capitalism have amalgamated into a new political system. Capitalism is used to generate the idea and convince everyone that it generates income for businesses and their employees. When no private investment is made, socialism is used to get people to use their tax dollars to benefit the citizens and gift the project to private interests. When people disagree with using taxes, it either goes to a vote and/or the government does it anyway. There may be a slow drip coming back to the community but the rest sits in the hands of the government and their businesses buddies. Then the cycle repeats. Call it Americommusocialcaptialism. I hate saying that, but it seems government and their business buddies are stripping away the gains of the average American. What’s right in the eyes of the few is to game the system into public investment and privatized gains. If a few people struggle as a result, it’s collateral damage. At least I got my arena!

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