McLean County Justice

By: Diane Benjamin

The last Coliseum theft case was settled last week. The two main culprits got off with misdemeanor convictions while 2 low level employees who couldn’t afford to pay lawyers for years now have felony convictions. All 4 received plea deals, another defendant had all charges dropped.

The City of Bloomington received restitution of $430,000 from John Butler and another $20,500 from Bart Rogers. The citizens of Bloomington got no justice because a case against former City Manager David Hales was never made for his failure to oversee operations. Hales and the City Council were told MANY times shenanigans was taking place. The media dutifully covered it up as they continued to report the much smaller losses reported by CIAM instead of the audited losses that were MUCH higher.

Defendants with money can buy their way out of prosecutions. Obviously those with fewer resources get nailed. This is justice in McLean County.

Excerpt from the story:

The prosecutor and City of Bloomington are satisfied with the outcome. What about the citizens of Bloomington? What justice did you get?

The Council that voted to build the albatross against the wishes of citizens hasn’t paid a price. Mike Matejka still struts around town pretending to be important.

The Council that didn’t demand a Coliseum investigation when confronted with facts has paid no price.

David Hales sailed into oblivion without ever testifying under oath about his role. If you remember, former alderman Judy Stearns demanded an investigation before voting to allow amateur hockey. Hales promised her it would and then it never happened. The rest of Council dutifully kept their mouths shut.

This fiasco proves the following:

  • Government all all levels doesn’t work for citizens
  • You can buy your way out of prison
  • Justice isn’t getting facts and punishment that fits the crime
  • Little guys don’t get equal treatment
  • By not voting in local elections the City of Bloomington elites do not fear retribution. Those who didn’t vote (probably 80-90% of registered voters) did this to themselves.

Bloomington now has a White Elephant used for government offices, farmer’s market, and elections. Money is still being spent on maintenance for events that won’t take place anytime soon.

The best part:

Everyone pays higher sales taxes because you were gifted with a lemon. How about voting April 6th?




4 thoughts on “McLean County Justice

  1. First you would need at assemble a group of effective prosecutors with a history of success that are more interested in getting convictions than striking deals with Elitist Clique members. You would also need female attorneys who are more interested in being successful in their jobs than spending their time trying to make boyfriends out of males on local law enforcement. The county states attorney office here has always been a joke and will continue to be. They can only put away people that can’t afford a good defense. They regularly get a clock cleaning from any defensive lawyer worth their salt.


  2. It looks like crime pays! If you get caught stealing, you just agree to pay back what wasn’t yours to begin with and them move on with your life.

    The reality is the city wanted this over with quickly and quietly as possible so the bad publicity would not expose their lack of oversight.

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