Returning to the scene of the crime

By: Diane Benjamin

Since the City of Bloomington now running the Coliseum, click on that link and check out ticket prices. It almost looks like every couple of seats has a different price depending on where it is. It must be too difficult just to have a few different prices, this event needs tons of different prices!

H/T a reader:

In case you forgot, Bart Rogers was one of the main guys in the Coliseum fraud case:

John Butler is also a part owner of the Riverman. Butler is the main guy in the story above. Maybe both will appear at the game, returning to the scene of the crime!

The City of Bloomington needs to:

Keep both away from concessions!

Maybe extra security is needed too. Either Bloomington is desperate for events or the Civic Center is phasing hockey out. Rumor has it they don’t want to invest in upgrading aging mechanisms for ice.

Hockey worked out so well the last times Bloomington tried it, why not try again. 🤑🥶



8 thoughts on “Returning to the scene of the crime

      1. It’s a ticket resale site. I just went to the arena website and they show the Ticketmaster link I shared.

  1. $50 to $100 a ticket to watch the equivalent of Pony League baseball on ice. Bwaahahaha. Someone is spending too much time shopping at the dispensary. Free to $5 a ticket and they might fill 20% of the place.

  2. I hate to say it, but when these two ran the arena, I believe the number were better. Even with the theft that eas going on with the concession stands. I went to the hockey games back when they ran the arena. They were fun to go to and the crowds were ok compared to other teams in the league. After the troubles with the money started to surface and management of the arean was turned over to that other management company that ripped of $10k the product went down hill.

  3. Since the Rivermen’s lease is expiring @ the Civic Center, with the main concern being the age/deterioration of the “ice plant,” they might relocate to the Bloomington Arena for a year or more. Interesting to see how this plays out.

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