Normal: Next hearing Wednesday

By: Diane Benjamin

The hearing Friday was delayed by Tom Devore because he needed more time to respond to the filing by Normal’s attorneys on Wednesday.

The hearing on January 25th is at 9:30, it will be on Zoom. You should be able to access it at this link:

Page down to Judge Fellheimer’s Civil Case Virtual Protocol. Turn your camera and sound off to keep from distracting the participants.

One correction: Judge Fellheimer used to be the Chief Judge, that position has term limits so now Casey Costigan is the Chief Judge.

Remember when the Town announced they had hired outside counsel to advise them on moving forward after the referendum court case declared Normal incorporated?

Evidently the advice was to wait until you get sued because nothing was done to resolve the issues. Below is what that advice cost taxpayers, keep in mind this is not the same law firms involved in the current case. No bills are available for them yet.

I didn’t receive anything itemizing the $1,436.24 bill. Obviously very little time was devoted to resolving the issues raised in the referendum court case if advice only cost $306.00.



8 thoughts on “Normal: Next hearing Wednesday

  1. Wow! The same date the referendum was filed with the clerk Brian Day was using taxpayer dollars to ask this law firm how to object to it. This looks like proof that Brian Day was behind Dullard and was conflicted and never should have been on the electoral board.

  2. We can ALL still show up at the courtroom in person, and I encourage everyone to do so. That judge needs to see people there face to face

  3. we can ALL still attend hearing in person, I encourage ALL to do so. That judge needs to see people face to face in the courtroom

  4. Tom Devore is the best ally a ‘regular citizen’ could possibly have in IL. This man deserves so much more support – he really puts it on the line for us all. The ILGOP is utterly incompetent in not supporting this man 100% with everything they have. Don Tracy and the collar county GOP are weak and ineffective dilettantes in comparison.

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