Fly on the Wall: Candidate with something to hide Part 2


Typically, you and I are not on the same side of most matters, but in this case, it’s in the best interest of everyone in the city that this individual not be elected to city council. 

Redacted has shown himself to be a narcissist and a prolific and pathological liar (making him an excellent politician). 

Stay tuned . . . .

7 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Candidate with something to hide Part 2

    1. This whole approach seems wrong. If someone has done something you perceive as troubling or problematic and you have proof of said behavior, then put it out there. Let people decide. People who run for office are choosing to put themselves out there and scrutiny is fair.

      But to hang this out there almost seems kind of like blackmail and unbeffiting of someone who wants to be taken seriously. I say this as someone who is completely opposed to your viewpoints but who also respects your ability to dig through data and your commitment to local politics/issues.

      Honestly, dangling this out there makes you seem like either (1) the issue in question isnt a big deal or (2) you have no hard evidence of said scandal and its just inuendo (which you’re afraid to publish because of potential libel).


  1. Well we know it won’t matter. This candidate will explain they were young. They have learned there lesson. Then simply point out they are seeking to sit on the Council to fight MAGA Extremism and without them on the council, Trump will take over and drive the “city” into ruin.

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