Don’t forget WHO is to blame for the Coliseum theft!

By:  Diane Benjamin

The contract between CIAM and the City of Bloomington gave the City the right to exam anything they wanted to.  Nobody at the City ever looked at reports – especially concession sales.  Don’t forget, the City bought the Point-Of-Sale equipment.  They could have printed off monthly reports to verify what the City was getting paid in commissions.  They failed!

I’ve written a ton of stories on the Coliseum.   This  story has links to many of them:

David Hales did not do his job.  The Council let him get by with it.  Citizens told them to investigate.  Judy Stearns demanded they investigate.  The rest of the Council sat back and did nothing.  Kevin Lower joined Judy when he was elected.

This email from Joni Painter continues to bother me, I wonder if it bothers her since she was obviously lied to.  There was no “different” contract.  Has she ever asked why SHE was lied to?  Has she talked to the prosecutors?

On Oct 3, 2015, at 7:41 AM, Joni Painter <[email protected]> wrote:


I don’t read Diane’s website any more because I have found it to be riddled with errors. When I first got on City Council I read it because I thought she had already done my homework for me. Before a meeting with CIAM management I downloaded and printed 30 some odd pages of the “CIAM contract.” When I got into the meeting I discovered to my horror that the contract I had in my hands was totally different from the actual contract in force at the time.

I’m not going to open the link you sent. I really don’t care what she says. If you think you’re looking at “factual” information, I don’t think I can convince you otherwise. You’ll just have to learn for yourself the hard way like I did.

As far as the Coliseum goes, there are serious issues that are being addressed. I’m not at liberty to discuss the details because it involves legal matters. You can rest assured that the Council isn’t nearly as stupid as Diane implies.

Joni Painter

So, are you at liberty now to say what was done Joni?  Your email is from October of 2015.  My lawsuit against the City and CIAM was filed in August of 2015.  Obviously the City did nothing, they were waiting for the contract to expire.  Meanwhile, taxpayers were robbed.  Prove the Council isn’t as stupid as “Diane implies”.

More charges were filed yesterday against Bart Rogers.  I hope that means the 3 underlings are flipping on Butler and Rogers to save themselves..

If any money could have been traced to David Hales he would have been charged.  Being incompetent isn’t a chargeable offense.  If it was, not only Hales but most of the Council would be facing charges too.  Theft was allowed to happen because the Council played bobble-head to David Hales instead of representing the citizens of Bloomington.  Any theft of taxpayer money rests with the Council who failed to represent you while lavishing Hales with raises.  Once elected, Council members are conned by the staff to okay whatever is presented.  Joni Painter proved she was.

If the incumbents are planning to run for reelection they need to be asked why citizens should vote for them when they failed in their duty to you.  The people who have announced they are running will be no different.  Bloomington needs concerned taxpayers on the Council, not bobble-heads.








9 thoughts on “Don’t forget WHO is to blame for the Coliseum theft!

  1. Rumor has it that there are concerned citizens willing to run but need encouragement and support.
    Renner and his minions stand behind far left, socialist candidates.

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      1. Yes they will be attacked,,,now, later, and more. Might as well get used to it now cause it’s not going to stop. The #1 thing any challenger needs asap is name recognition. The sooner the better. If they have a platform that encourages people to get out and vote for them, then they have a chance (more reason for attacks.) Politics is dirty. Again, name recognition is paramount in taking out an incumbent.


  2. Joni has MUCH to learn. Both as a council woman AND about the “workings” of the arena. There WAS no bookkeeping as far as I was able to see. It was just “Here take the money, and send a P.O number”
    They ALL failed on this matter HALES on down..

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  3. I wish I lived in Bloomington! I’d run in a heartbeat! One thing we tried a few years ago where I live is a group platform or PAC that will support the candidates. We were able to use human capital resources more efficiently and stay ahead of the negative blow back. It’s also helpful in prepping for a debate if there is one. Let’s face it on this council you need more than one conservative to win a seat or it’s a waste of time


  4. It’s still stunning to me how obsessed the mayor and city council are with anything related to Downtown. While we’re at it, let’s add those two zeros running for city council. How in the world do they think that it’s priority #1 in a city with a decline population, shrinking tax base, and a major employer looking for an excuse to further drawn down its numbers? I think the answer lies to those that turn out to vote in local elections: townies, city employees, friends and/or vendors of government, and the emboldened socialist democrats. Agree with the comments above. There are people seeking voices of reason, but few if any are willing to step up and endure the constant attacks and undue pressure.


    1. With the lack of enthusiasm and discouraging remarks from those on this blog who understand the problems, yes, why would someone come forward. If there is not even anonymous support from the group who post here for a potential candidate who would challenge the status quo, shame on you and just start packing your bags and move on.

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