Don’t forget WHO is to blame for the Coliseum theft!

By:  Diane Benjamin The contract between CIAM and the City of Bloomington gave the City the right to exam anything they wanted to.  Nobody at the City ever looked at reports – especially concession sales.  Don’t forget, the City bought the Point-Of-Sale equipment.  They could have printed off monthly reports to verify what the City […]

Fly on the wall: Bail (Update)

Does this make sense? Leslie Lebel is accused of stealing a little over $20,000 from the City of Bloomington.  Her bail is set at slightly over $1,000,000. Jodi Rogers was arrested for theft from Illinois State University of around $5000.  She was release after posting $525.  Since 10% is required for release, this means her […]

City of Dixon Il-How Taxpayer’s Were Ripped Off

Link to the 3/2011 Financial Statements: The report contains 2 statements by an external auditor, Samuel S. Card, CPA.  Mr Card was hired by the City, as required by law, to audit the statements. This massive theft over decades was obviously due to lack of internal controls.  Any person with access to bank accounts […]