UPDATE: Another Coliseum case Tuesday

The case has been delayed until December. No reason given.

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember Bart Rogers? He was the number two guy at the Coliseum when CIAM managed it for 10 years. His jury trial is supposed to start on Tuesday, I doubt it will – a settlement is likely in the works.

The 2018 case shows on count of::

The 2017 case is much bigger:

This case hasn’t received much attention. Search Bart Roger on this site. He was right there with John Butler.

Will taxpayers finally get to hear from the accused and the people who did nothing to stop them?

Don’t hold your breath.

3 thoughts on “UPDATE: Another Coliseum case Tuesday

  1. Amazing what cannot happen To you if you are connected, well healed / $ and have smart lawyers. So sad I heard recently Bloomington citizen’s will pay $200k / month until 2036 bond interest, so we can have early voting😡😡😡😡


  2. And now we must deal with the stupid idea’s (building the coliseum) aftermath as it sits empty and worthless? All of which could have been avoided if the politicians (you know who you are) would have LISTENED to the voices of the people at the time.

    The question is: Are the taxpayers of the Town of Normal ready for the aftermath of the Uptown boondoggle? Get your wallets out Normal taxpayers… this is not going to be pretty.

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  3. Markoarena, 1 uptown koos circle, and it’s money sucking vortex. Yep, we have some GREAT leadership here in the area, just like Hitler did! But they were at least able to hold off the whole world! I doubt koos could hold off an indictment!


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