UPDATE: Why the left wants to defund police:

(see update below)

This happened after 7:00 am this morning on the east side of Bloomington:

Imagine how much damage they could cause without the fear of getting caught!

The ideology of the left can be summed up in one word: HATE.

We need the police to protect us from them, unless they would rather we dole out our own justice. Which way do you prefer leftist?

The flag is again looking good:

I hope whoever disgraced it tries again, might have a little surprise waiting for them.

Democrats: What exactly does your party stand for? All I hear is we hate Trump. Too chicken to reveal your agenda?

I will do it for you. If you are thinking about voting for Biden, the first thng you need to know is Biden won’t be president for long if he gets elected. You get Kamala who has a voting record in the Senate to the left of Bernie Sanders.

Next read Joe’s website. AOC will be running the party.


22 thoughts on “UPDATE: Why the left wants to defund police:

  1. Make no mistake about it, this is REVOLUTIONARY hate and it is directed toward anyone and everyone who doesn’t agree with them.

    This is Bolshevik hate
    This is Brown Shirt hate
    This is Ayatollah hate
    This is ISIS hate

    This is the kind of hate that ends with shallow mass graves of “undesirables and counter-revolutionaries”. This is hate for the “good of the revolution”.

    1. Why exactly is someone defacing the America flag with Trump’s name? Perhaps all you patriots here should know that is called desecrating the American flag. Desecration is desecration no matter who is doing it. I bet anything if that was either Obama’s or Biden name on that flag you’d be livid. Why exactly is voting for someone who isn’t Trump “hate”? It isn’t and putting Trump’s name on a flag makes it more apparent that you’re all in a cult of personality

      1. Star Guy, that is not an American flag, it is a poster. That poster is of a “blue line” flag in the style of the “stars & stripes.” The “defacing” of the poster is the spray paint done by someone who obviously opposes Trump. Additionally, what was defaced is private property displayed on private property. SMH!

  2. This is the kind of hate that… true story coming…. makes someone who you got 2 good jobs for, permanently ghost you for questioning the constitutionality of Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment procedures.

    These brainwashed leftist don’t just hate your ideas or politics, they hate YOU.

    The left has had open conversations about what they will “do” with us after they win the election.

    If this sounds serious… it is.

    Vote every member of the Democratic Communist Party out of office.

  3. I have been thinking about a comment that would be appropriate to the dis-respect that this puke did to our flag and to all the men and women who have given their lives so that you had the freedom to commit such a horrendous act. You will regret not using your freedom to leave this country while you still can. We real Americans will find you in the end.

  4. This seems to be the “leftist” mantra! “We hate TRUMP” so we’ll vote in the village idiot and a communist, so he can’t ruin our lives. THen they will realize it’s not a dream, and they are awake, but as ole Archie Bunker used to say “Dead from the neck up” Hell, even meathead was smarter the these folks!
    Offensive is a KIND word for these kind of people, and AS an aside, I like the ideal of “baiting your Trump signs in the yard like you have on the weekend funnies-that’s classic stupidity on someone’s part.

    1. Just do some research. There are several innovative ways to protect your property that will deliver some well-deserved karma to these punks with items you already have or can be purchased at the hardware store. They are no doubt encouraged to do so by their cowardly teachers and professors. Of course, they have to come in groups and take off or have the car running already with the lights off so they can make a quick exit.

  5. Defunding the police would cut taxes. How can any respectful conservative be agaisnt reducing tbe tax burden? Yes, I am totally for reducing the amount of taxes I pay (which is already too high) by cutting social services.

      1. “Name the last time local taxes were cut.”
        Mid-late 90s(?), the Normal Public Library asked for a sales tax surcharge when they added the newer addition (west side) to the older building. Once it was paid for, the library board asked for the surcharge to end.
        Only example I know of. I may not have details exact so feel free to correct me.

    1. So you think that “any respectful conservative” should be in favor of defunding the police because it would cut taxes?

      1. Defunding the police is shear unadulterated madness which any thinking citizen should reject outright and question the sanity of anyone who proposes it
      2. Your linking of police work as a “social service” which you are apparently in favor of cutting, shows that either your naivete keeps you from understanding the realities of governments using your money or you are attempting a disingenuous “If this then that” argument to legitimize the defunding of the police.

  6. Always the mob with these punks. It takes ten of them or in the stealth of the night due to shame. They are haters’ They hate Trump and therefore they hate the half of the country that voted for him. The demonrat party fosters hate.
    Still these punks are in the minority. Red wave in November as the vast majority of thinking people are sick of the punks and the hatred they spew.

  7. LOVE to catch one of these bastards stealing MY sign. NOT only would I file charges, but I”d want repayment of damages! HOW ABOUT THAT J& J! I’m sure some of these folks are YOUR dope smoking “pothead” buddies.!!

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