I was notified last night approval of release will be on the 8/22 agenda.

Lawsuit pending until then.


By:  Diane Benjamin

Laws evidently don’t matter to the current City of Bloomington Leadership.  Government “for and by the people” has become sit down, shut up, and we might get to you eventually.

They have until Monday night’s meeting.

This will be another easily winnable FOIA lawsuit.  I filed this FOIA request on June 4th.  This pertains to the Open Meetings Act violation filed by Judy Stearns that the Attorney General got around to ruling on two years later.  The AG “requested”Foia 1 the City release the audio.

 On June 13th my FOIA request was denied:

FOIA 2Monday night will make the 6th meeting without the release of the audio being on the agenda since my FOIA request was denied.

If an addendum isn’t added to the agenda for Monday for approval of the release of the audio, the lawsuit will be filed next week.

Citizens have a right to open and transparent government.  They don’t kneel before you and beg for compliance with laws.

David Hales, Tari Renner, and any Council member blocking the vote needs to learn citizens will not sit down and shut up.  The growing mountain of OMA and FOIA violations WILL be a campaign issue.  Why should anyone be reelected who thinks laws don’t matter?

Either get it added to the agenda, or pay more court costs.

This one is easy.







  1. MidWestMike says:

    When city council meeting minutes need “redaction” you know crooks are at work.


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