Power to Tari or the people?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tonight the Bloomington City Council will discuss eliminating the Liquor Commission, thus transferring power to Tari.

Keep in mind the Liquor Commission under Steve Stockton was Steve and FOUR citizens.  Under Renner, it has been Tari and TWO citizens.

The entire reason for this change is because Tari operated the Commission outside the rules for holding Open Meetings.  Abolishing the Commission makes legal what he is already doing, the problem is citizens don’t know what he has been doing.

A meeting of the Liquor Commission is scheduled for tomorrow night.  On the agenda is the approval 4 one day permits for weddings.  Also on the agenda are FOUR VIOLATIONS:    http://www.cityblm.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=11006

The one day permits aren’t a problem and could easily be approved by the City Clerk – if the ordinance is re-written.

The FOUR violations are much more serious.  If changed, Tari would solely hold the power to access fines or even shut down a business.

Is this government FOR and BY the PEOPLE or government by Tari?

The Building Board of Appeals has 9 members.

The Planning Commission has 10 members.

The Property Review Board has 7 members.

The Zoning Board of Appeals has 7 members.

ALL have citizens representation.  http://www.cityblm.org/index.aspx?page=253

Yes, the Council would have to approve any action Tari wants to take.  Renner could put his desires on the Consent Agenda where no discussion or very little takes place, then the Council would vote without knowing any facts except what Tari says.

If Tari wants to impose fines or shut down a business, who is going to stop him if the charges are concocted?  NOBODY!

Why build a system ripe for corruption?  Should ANYBODY be judge, jury, and executioner?

The ordinance should be changed to include at least 5 members, 4 of which are citizens.

Tari wants to appoint Jim Jordan Deputy Commissioner.  Jim is on the Liquor Commission now, and is part of the pending investigations for violating the Open Meetings Act:  https://blnnews.com/2016/08/05/tari-seizes-his-throne-monday/

If the law had been followed for holding open and transparent meetings (Open Meetings Act), this item would NOT be on the agenda tonight.

Why reward violations with more power?



5 thoughts on “Power to Tari or the people?

  1. So, this is what Renner’s two hour free lunch with Jordon was about. This reminds me Renner’s attempt to change the ordinance regarding Public Comment which was meant to limit citizen input. For someone with a PhD, he has trouble with basic definitions of words like transparency. The Mayoral Open House just doesn’t cut it.

  2. Any council member that votes to allow this change would have an ugly mark on their record next time they run. Great campaign material for an opponent noting the ordinance change to cover up illegal acts by the mayor.

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