Court Update

By:  Diane Benjamin

Making a trip downtown requires pics of almost empty buses – so here’s a couple:

emp1 emp2

Speaking of downtown, the law firm representing the former Coliseum Manager is moving to Hershey Road.  They are leaving downtown because parking, accessibility for clients, and space issues made it difficult to stay in their current location.   A suitable location downtown wasn’t available.

Also speaking of downtown, see this pic:

deadplantsNote the dead plants in the window.  A reader told me they have been there for years.

This building is located opposite the Coliseum.  Every person attending an event at the Coliseum who walks east or north sees the dead plants.

The building has been unoccupied for a long time.  If the goal is to make downtown more welcoming, the plants need to go.  Maybe ugly in the windows isn’t an ordinance violation.

Now for Court:

Thanks to three supporters who came!  I know during the day is difficult.

Yesterday the lawyers for the Coliseum filed another Motion to Dismiss, so they aren’t giving up.

I have to respond by August 4th, the City of Bloomington is also filing something by the 4th.  The other side gets a chance to respond again, so the next court date is August 23rd at 2:00.

In September this case may go back to Judge Lawrence.

Justice is WORSE than slow, everybody probably thought I would give up by now.  I don’t get to play a lawyer on TV, I get to play one in real life!  The law course I was required to take for the CPA exam isn’t helping!

The story would have been really short without pics!

3 thoughts on “Court Update

  1. The dead plants look better than the cheap particle board in the windows on the other end of the building. Yeah, for all the talk of beautifying the downtown area, the lack of care allows this building to be an eyesore. Possibly Mr. Huff some of your property downtown might be more appealing to rent if you cared enough about this building to discontinue letting this one look like shit. It wouldn’t take much money, effort, or time to spruce things up a bit. Jerk!


  2. The “road diets” that have been implemented downtown are disastrous to traffic flow. There were 3 buses parked for 10 minutes on Center St. in front of the Court House in the only “through lane” going south to wait for passengers who were not at the bus stop. Ten minutes!! Really? The center lane is a “turn only” lane. The choice becomes, sit in an idling car behind the buses or drive into the “turn only” lane at an intersection to proceed straight ahead–a dangerous traffic violation. I’ll not be driving to or through downtown any time soon.


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