Court today

By:  Diane Benjamin

The judge is supposed to make a final ruling today, 9:00 am, in my Freedom of Information case against the City of Bloomington.  She may be interested in an email I have Tari Renner wrote to a citizen blaming me for all the lawyer fees incurred by the City fighting transparency.  He claimed I’m not entitled to anything.

Does the law matter Mayor Transparency?

I will post the results later.

Next lawsuit:

Failure to comply with the Freedom of Information Act again on requests for the payroll and concession sales at the Coliseum.

I have a ruling from the Illinois Attorney General stating documents in the hands of an arena manager ARE subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

This one is another slam dunk.  Central Illinois Arena Management and BMI Concessions do not want you to know what they are doing and the City is not holding them accountable.  They are conducting business from a taxpayer owned asset, but they want what they do kept secret.  Citizens deserve better.



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