YOUR opinions don’t matter to Tari

By:  Diane Benjamin

The City held a Citizens Summit.  Participants sent a strong message:  Fund essential services first – not wants!

The City surveyed citizens.  Citizens sent the same message:  Citizens’ Priority Survey Results

Citizens reiterated the same to the Council during public comment last night.  Watch starting at 4:55

Following, Tari gave his State of the City address.  The interesting part starts at 32:40.  The Mayor is possessed by developing downtown.  He still believes that is where the future of Bloomington lies.  Strip malls are dead, ba ba ba . . .(Go visit downtown Decatur Mayor, pretty now and mostly dead)

Tari:  It’s in your imagination that the future of Bloomington is downtown:

Other parts from last night’s meeting you can’t miss:

Start at 1:43:47 – Mayor’s comments.  Tari talks about the US Conference of Mayors he attended in DC last week.  You need to know what you paid for since taxpayer money was used for the trip.   He also says he brought back lots of ideas!  Keep watching, Judy Stearns responds to the attack on her,  Renner interrupts her.  Renner claims he doesn’t read, but he calls somebody a liar.  I wonder who he was talking about?

Watching Renner talk last night something dawned on me:  Renner = Markowitz.  I want what I want and I’m mayor so I can get it.  Watch for yourself:




7 thoughts on “YOUR opinions don’t matter to Tari

  1. The Plantagraph sure didn’t waste anytime burying the article that was written about Tari’s State of the City Address. Why, early this morning, it was right there on Page 1, with Tari’s kisser staring right at ya! With only a few hours on Page 1, you can’t find it on the online copy anymore. I wonder if orders came down from on high to pull the article since all the comments, except from one bootlicker, were unflattering towards the Mayor and his Band of 7 Morons. Articles about Kelly Pickler, Eating Disorders, and Women Not Being Attracted to the Men of Their Dreams were more important I guess!!


  2. I dont know, the part that I watched, I essentially heard the Mayor say I know better than you, even though all the talk I hear is about core services. You citizens really dont know whats good for you yadda yadda yadda. He also clearly stated that if we (the peons) have any ideas that he would like to hear them. Well we HAVE given him ideas, just not the ones he wants to hear. So he throws his little temper tantrum and moves on.


  3. wow watching the mayor as folk talk was like watching a combination of Johnny Carson and heath legers joker . I think it’s like us vs them , and them have no true consideration of any view but their own . a damn shame when the public interest becomes elite interest . I tried to sign in using your tab and got this
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  4. I noticed thethe printed version of the local cage liner ran a front page story on the garbage fees. It never fails to amaze me how much liberals do not get basic economics. They had three times as many people as they expected choose the smallest can. Now they floated the idea of basing the size of the can on the size of the household it is for. My family has the smallest which has the added benefit of forcing us to throw away as little as possible. Thought the liberals wanted less trash.

    We are also licensed foster parents and see this kind of thinking all the time with government entities. Its not that they necessarily have bad intentions (although they often do), its just that is it such a huge job trying to deal with the nuances of every situation that they create blanket rules that usually apply to very few actual situations. This us why government should make as few decisions as possible.


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