court update: VICTORY

By:  Diane Benjamin

My original lawsuit against the City of Bloomington for Coliseum Concession reports and payroll was filed September 21, 2015.

It goes back farther than that because I had previously filed with the Attorney General’s Public Access office.  Those documents go back to at least January 2015.  I foolishly though Lisa Madigan’s office cared about public corruption and citizen’s access to their documents.  When Public Access failed to promptly rule, I filed the lawsuit.

Today’s court date was for Judge Foley to rule on CIAM’s motion to dismiss.  In other word, were the documents I filed valid under Illinois Law.

I won!  I need to make a couple of technical corrections, but Judge Foley ruled the case could proceed after corrections.

Now, what I haven’t told you yet.

Last night I received 2 years of concession sales.  Today I received the third year.  I’m not ready yet to say what I’ve found, stay tuned.

The funniest part is that the City of Bloomington is putting these documents on their website.  Citizens will be able to see them, but they won’t have a clue what they mean.

I believe Tari is going to declare how transparent he is!  He won’t mention my lawsuit or the City’s original fight against me.  They changed their minds around January, but it doesn’t change the fact that this is FORCED transparency.

I bet the Pantagraph already has an article ready declaring Tari’s greatness.  Watch for it.





  1. The possible article by the Pantagraph about this CIAM issue will probably be placed next to the article about the Mayor’s announcement about running for re-election. It may even be in his speech as part of his “accomplishments,” most of which he had very little to do with.


  2. Congrats!!

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  3. marycarlisle4 says:

    Wonderful news Diane. Staying tuned for more!


  4. steve white says:

    saw you smile in court when the judges verdict was given.
    congrats, keep doing what you are doing, majority of the blono community is behind you.


  5. Congratulations! It’ll be interesting to see how the numbers “stack” up.

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  6. undoubtedly true. Since I had sent in a complement to the Public Works department on their quick response to a pothole, I was asked if I’d agree to be interviewed by the Pantagraph for an upcoming story on street work. I declined, saying it will likely just be a puff piece in support of the Pantagraph’s favorite politician and I’m not willing to support a mayor who raises RE, gas, and sales taxes. Never heard from Pantagraph.


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