In Honor of Tari’s re-election bid:

Just for Tari’s announcement tomorrow – re-posting this one!

Staying home in April?


By:  Diane Benjamin

The Total Budget Tari inherited in 2013:  $167 million

Tari’s first budget – 2014:  $169.4 million

2015 Budget:  $180.4 million

2016 Budget: $186.3 million

Proposed 2017 Budget:  206.9 million

(Evidently the stacked Council is going to pass it as is)

Spending increased $39.9 million in 4 years!

What did you get for $40 Million?  A few roads fixed and better pension funding.

Begin the celebration now.

Where did the money come from?

Citizens never had an Amusement tax until Tari created one – 4%.

Your Utility Taxes were raised.

Your Gas Tax was increased.

Your garbage fees were raised.

Your Sales tax was raised.

Sewer and Storm water fees are next

Don’t forget that taxes have been abated all over town and new TIF districts are being added.  That means everybody else has to pay more to make up the difference.


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One thought on “In Honor of Tari’s re-election bid:

  1. Hopefully there is a candidate to run against him. Why are they waiting to announce? Seems like you would want to get out in front.


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