FOIA lawsuit filed against U of I for hiding sexual assault allegations

By:  Diane Benjamin

See the lawsuit here:  VerifiedComplaint

The lawsuit was filed by a former Board of Trustees member and current graduate student – John Bambenek.  As stated in the lawsuit, he is also a recognized expert in digital forensics and computer crime investigations.


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bam foia 2

bam foia 3

The lawsuit goes into great detail with the history of the University of Illinois extending and denying FOIA requests to avoid releasing information requested by Bambenek.  On page 10 John provides the U of I the syntax for the query he requested.

Copies of the FOIA requests and denials are included in the filing.  Since documents belong to the people, not the University, this is a lawsuit to watch.

Parents deserve to know their kids are safe on campus, they likely never thought their kids needed protections from the U of I faculty and staff.  Bambenek needs the documents to prove they do.  Keep in mind your tax dollars are being used to prevent John from seeing them.

U of I


4 thoughts on “FOIA lawsuit filed against U of I for hiding sexual assault allegations

  1. how is this a “Verified Complaint”? it is missing the notary to “Verify” this… Many things are wrong with this complaint.


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