Remember the IWU kid who tried to vilify Stearns last Monday? UPDATE

More Not In Our Town hypocrisy from Twitter:

Brexton Isaacs (@BrextonIsaacs) on Twitter2

Is this where I’m supposed to say “I object to these words and the damage they cause.  They have no place in our community.”  (from the NIOT pledge – Intolerant words)

By:  Diane Benjamin

If you watched the Bloomington City Council meeting last Monday you saw:

  • Tari stand up right before starting the meeting
  • Going to the Clerk to get a comment card
  • (According to a witness) Tari took the card to Brexton Isaccs who came in late
  • Tari had the Council vote to allow more than the usual number of speakers

Brexton is an IWU student, majoring in political science.  Renner just happens to teach political science.

Renner is a proud Democrat, Brexton just happens to be the President of the College Dems.

I’m sure there was absolutely nothing nefarious about Brexton showing up late and receiving special privileges denied to others who didn’t get their comment card filled out in time.   After all, he was there to talk about Renner’s boogeywoman Judy Stearns.

So much for the NOT-IN-OUR-TOWN pledge against bullying.  Of course the Council didn’t care, potted plants have no opinions.  Funny, Brexton’s talk was about Stearn’s violating the Not-In-Our-Town pledge she didn’t sign.  Renner did sign it, but nobody is holding him accountable.  Everybody say it together:  Hypocrisy!

But there is more:

I was just paging through the judge’s order from yesterday.  Just to be clear, I have no idea what the judge is referencing in most of it.  My lawsuit was a request to the court to review emails redacted by the City and then rule whether they were properly withheld according to the law.  The City was forced to hand over stacks of emails to the judge.  I, rightly, did not get copies.  The judge’s order is based on her review of these emails.

Somebody we now know pops up again!  I believe this email concerns Modified Wards, but I won’t know for sure until the City hands it over.  Brexton gets around!  I bet if somebody looked, Brexton worked on Renner’s campaign and on Scott Black’s.  Tari is more transparent than he realizes – just not where he needs to be.



16 thoughts on “Remember the IWU kid who tried to vilify Stearns last Monday? UPDATE

  1. He piped up at the city budget forum Tuesday Night. He was all about revitalizing downtown even though it was at the bottom of the citizen survey of needs, Renner was there also, I’m sure he was coached on what to say,


  2. I wonder if Brexton is registered to vote in Bloomington? If he’s not, why would he even be allowed to speak at a council meeting where he doesn’t officially reside?


  3. I definitely agree that this Brexton Isaccs kid is a mindless socialism drone for Renner. We need more students to be like Rand Paul and Sarah Palin to fight for our conservative values


  4. Several years ago I was on the IWU campus and after my event was over I decided to drop in at the student center since I had not seen the renovations of what used to be a gym. They were holding a student forum and the place was packed. The speaker was giving a lecture on how to masterbate, the merits of it and how it is a detour-ant to rape and unplanned pregnancy. And no, I’m not making this up! Real life is stranger than fiction.
    This, Brexton and Scott Black are what a $50,000 a year eduction will get you under the tutelage of Professor Tari Renner. I would imagine Brexton and Scott are heavily in debt and expect the government to give them some type of a student loan bail out. At least they know how to masterbate, but I digress.
    I’m not sure what all Tari is hiding in these emails that he’s worked so hard to hide from the public, but we’re soon to find out. But, one thing that’s clearly there is Tari’s involvement in trying to sway the political process with political protege’s such as Brexton and Scott. I never did buy his line that he was neutral with respect to these issues and I think we will see some stuff that is very vicious toward those who oppose him. I think the biggest thing he’s trying to cover up is public embarrassment.


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