Court? What court

By:  Diane Benjamin

The good news is Judge Foley is still hearing the case.  She is familiar with the settlement discussions, so I’m much more comfortable with her in charge.

Since both the City of Bloomington and CIAM filed motions to dismiss, we had to set another hearing date for those arguments.  I was ready to explain today why their claims that I have what I need are WRONG, but the judge didn’t have time to hear them.

Next court date is October 31 at 3:15.

I’m not filing a written response, I will be giving oral arguments on the 31st.  I told the City attorney that I will be going all CPA on them.  Oral arguments won’t give them a chance to respond again and further delay proceedings.

I really appreciate the crowd of supporters who showed up today!  Thanks for coming.  Too bad not much other than setting another date happened.








  1. I wonder if the city attorneys will be disappointed they don’t get to bill the city for time to prepare another motion, time to review that motion, time to file that motion, time to show up in court and delay the hearing, and then start the process all over again.


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