Big News and BIGGER NEWS

By:  Diane Benjamin

I don’t know which of these is bigger – you decide.

My lawsuit against the City of Bloomington pertaining to payroll and concessions at the Coliseum goes to trial February 5th.

Today I issued a subpoena for:

David Hales

Bloomington City Manager

I have a long list of questions he needs to answer!


I filed to be a write-in candidate for the County Board District 2 – replacing Matt Sorensen

The County is attempting to get Sorensen’s name off the primary ballot.  There should only be a line to write in a name.

The election is March 15th.  Early voting starts February 4th at the County Clerk’s Office.

I am 100% opposed to the East-side Bypass.  Many hearings have been held for citizens, I attended.  People spoke against it and were ignored.  You will be heard if I am elected to the County Board.  Besides the destruction of farmland and property values, and the federal government with no money for any projects, it’s a ridiculous idea to build a road enabling travelers to drive right past Bloomington-Normal without stopping.  It’s even more ridiculous to include bike paths that very few will ever use.  I will support a connection from Towanda-Barnes Road to I55 at Towanda.

The County needs to be much more transparent.  Much of the financial information on their website is not in a usable format.  Much more information isn’t available at all.  Citizens need to able to see where their money is being spent.

I will vote against every tax and fee increase and any additional wind farms.

The map of District 2 can be found here:

It includes most everything east of Towanda-Barnes Road up to Towanda.  It includes the cities of Downs, Leroy, Ellsworth, Holder, Arrowsmith, Saybrook, Bellflower, Anchor, Mansfield, Fisher, Farmer City, Merna, Heyworth, and south of Bloomington on both sides of Rt 51 and parts of Normal.  Of course the map is difficult to read-transparency is lacking.

I need your help readers.  If you want integrity on the Board, contact anyone you know living in District 2.  Makes sure they vote in the Republican Primary on March 15th AND writes-in Diane Benjamin for District 2.  Please share this post!

More information soon, NO – I’m not turning this into a campaign site.

I’m a retired CPA, small business owner for over 20 years, and the Editor of

10 thoughts on “Big News and BIGGER NEWS

  1. Great news! I don’t live in that district but I know some people who do.

    Eee haw a day of reckoning for David Hales. That guy need to be shown the door and not soon enough!

    I once lived at Ft. Wayne, IN and that town definitely needed a east side bypass because there were numerous highways went through town creating congestion. In that case I could see a bypass reason and they finally built it. Not so with B/N. I wonder how some of those west side truck stops would like a drop in business with an east side bypass? They probably wouldn’t. I think some local good ole boys were counting on that bypass to fill their pockets with more money. The past county board chair was probably their golden boy to deliver their wish. Poof, so much for that. He made a career change.


  2. Sorry Marc-COULDN’T pass that up, you say he (Sorenson) made a career change? Not really, he WAS on the county board, NOW he’ll be board by the county-or the FEDS!.


    1. Quite possibly Townie Matt Sorenson will be living in a gated community too. I couldn’t pass throwing that out there. Gated as in jail cell bars, you know. lol


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