Straza: The consummate insider candidate

By: Diane Benjamin

Do you want a mayor of Bloomington with an agenda or one that listens to citizens?

Mike Straza was on Cities 92.9 last night with Steve Suess. Listen to the beginning of the podcast:

Straza worked on Chris Koos’ re-lection campaign 4 years ago. Much worse, Straza was on Dave Shields team when he unsuccessfully ran for Normal Town Council two years ago. Shields has publicly ridiculed Stan Nord and Marc Tiritilli because they aren’t the “in crowd”.

Straza has worked with the Economic Development Council and gone on One Voice trips to Washington DC. He’s an insider Koos ally and an obvious progressive who will tax citizens more to achieve goals. Koos did, Shields would have gone along. Insider deals is how they rule.

Mboka Mwilambe is the only viable choice in this race!

In the second hour Suess had Scott Preston and Karl Sila – Normal Town Council. Time to term limit Preston.

9 thoughts on “Straza: The consummate insider candidate

  1. But Preston is a Republican…the party pushing term limits. I can imagine Preston pulling a Dan Brady and saying elections are the term limit. Just like the Dems, when it comes to doing what you preach they are hypocrites.

    Straza is already a big government elitist. He earns a living by businesses paying him for his connections and string pulling. A win will earn him more connections which he can profit from. There is a huge conflict of interest here if he keeps his business going.

    The local GOP continues f’n-up their credibility by saying to fix government we need more “government is the solution” types in office. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    This ignorance is why I no longer call myself a republican.

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    1. “Straza is already a big government elitist. He earns a living by businesses paying him for his connections and string pulling”…
      . he may (or not) make some money off his connection to Tari Renner , but he still has to work as a church staffer to actually earn a living. Straza is a syncophant to an increasingly irrelevant local elite.

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      1. Something’s doesn’t add up. Straza claims to be a business genius and has helped so many businesses. If that is true, then why must he work as a church staffer to make ends meet?

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  2. Mboke is NOT a Tari Renner wannabe. I spent years at council meetings and had good communication with him. He is not a Tari Renner supporter. Videos on You Tube show this. Since no one else choose to run this is the choices you get!

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  3. How in the world did someone as stupid as Scott Preston ever get elected to Council for two terms. I just spent a half hour of my life that i’ll never get back listening to him. Painful! My word, this kid said absolutely nothing. He’s worse than Koos. He’s got to go. How come Steve didn’t ask him anything about his hotel bill?

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