What you get with People 1st candidates

By: Diane Benjamin

Thinking about voting for Jackie Gunderson, Kelby Cumpston, Patrick Lawler, or Willie Holton Halbert?

You should first look at what Jenn Carrillo and Jeff Crabill have done for Bloomington: Juneteenth, Welcoming City, Defund the police, not showing up at meetings, etc.

If you want a Social Justice Council that ignores the essential services citizens expect of government, vote for all of the above.

Here’s a clue of what to expect if they win:

Government’s job is public pianos?

Patrick Lawler shows his socialist side with this post, keep in mind as a government employee he hasn’t lost a cent during the shutdown:

What studies showed closing in-person dining slowed the spread of Covid and saved lives? In Illinois restaurants were always at the bottom of the list of spreading locations, eventually they didn’t make the list at all.

People 1st would rather hand out your tax dollars at their discretion instead of allowing ¬†entrepreneurs to survive. Jackie Gunderson, another government employee, hasn’t lost a cent either. It’s easy to criticize people trying to hold on to a business they built while pocketing your paycheck as usual.

Lawler hasn’t looked at the facts. Some states didn’t shut down businesses and had fewer public health issues than states like Illinois. Renner and Koos should have put him in charge of torturing anyone with a liquor license. They would all be out of business by now in the interest of “public health”.

People 1st could easily take over Bloomington April 6th. They are working hard to con people into believing socialism will save them. If Bloomington doesn’t show up to vote it will be fundamentally transformed.

How many people are you going to drag to the polls April 6th to prevent your own destruction?

A far left group called Run For Something has endorsed both Cumpston and Lawler. (This group is democrats “Build the Bench”) Page down some: https://runforsomething.medium.com/meet-our-march-2021-endorsement-class-ba43ba89b128

Kelby wants to use his “white privilege” to amplify voices silenced by local government.

Lawler wants to quit focusing on economic development and start emphasizing direct aid to families. I wonder if he knows redistributing wealth has many unintended consequences including making people government slaves waiting for their next handout. Many more “poor” people will appear when the handouts start.

(Maybe that’s the goal)





17 thoughts on “What you get with People 1st candidates

  1. It occurs to me that in our nation and in our communities –
    Republicans focus on – Make America Great Again – MAGA
    Democrats focus on – Make America Obey – MAO

    Democrat’s policy, passion, and their methods revolve around “build back better” or restated in the words of Mao Tse-Tung, – “the great leap forward”

    Because their policies can’t stand on their own they must use tools that make people obey.
    They must take control of our Policing, our courts, our children’s education, our voting, our guns, our public discourse even our definition of who we are as people (critical race) to push their unwanted agendas.

    Don’t let them get away with it.

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  2. Kelby will and his friends will be playing the piano Making YouTube videos while minorities struggle to find jobs. White Privilege.


  3. One has to remember that BN’s population is comprised of some of the most apathetic, unaware, lazy and self-absorbed people on the planet to say nothing of its transient nature. As long as there is plenty of alcoholic drink, restaurant food, entertainment and pot to go around, most in this town could care less what is going on at either city hall. Most of the inhabitants cone from other locales where they escaped because they could not survive or compete. BN became the perfect landing spot for the unexceptional and less driven because it is loaded with jobs where unaccountability rules the day. Look at the candidates. All fall under the explanation just given. Counting the days to eventual freedom.

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    1. 100%. The vast majority of businesses in BN would be dead in an hour and a half outside of the Twin Cities. They’re often non-scalable and competing in an already overly saturated market, while the success of the business is often predicated on the gatekeepers in the clique and Chamber giving their blessing. Overall, there’s a serious lack of ambition and any individual thoughts, convictions, or creativity. Folks are very sheep-like, lemming-like. That’s why we get more and more restaurants, nicknack shops, downtown areas, and bike trails. I’ve watched many successful tech and other startup companies (and their talent) begin in BN and then relocate once they’ve obtained traction, funding, or scale. This is a huge problem, as the community’s survivability is based almost solely on Big Red and ISU. When (not if) they experience a setback, the local economy has little to fall back on.

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  4. Thanks for promoting the public piano idea!
    If I’m elected ill let you know how you can help become a sponsor or volunteer tuner!


  5. Maybe some of $3 million should go do the landlords that now have squatters instead of tenants, or to help them pay the water bills that the are responsible for now. Vote people, V O T E!

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  6. I wasn’t aware that pianos were something the government should be concerned about. Oh, wait, that’s because it shouldn’t be concerned about pianos. What genius told you this was something the government was supposed to do, or even should do.

    Corruption abounds in local, regional, and state politics, and this guy is worried about pianos for travelers to make youtube videos with. No wonder this state sucks ass so bad. Caring more about outsiders than your own constituents seems to be the new way of life for leftists. Disgusting and disgraceful.


  7. If you really want to hear what these candidates are promoting, listen to their YouTube productions. They are clueless about municipal government. They don’t understand budgeting; don’t understand the concept of building wealth. They do want power.
    Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing!

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    1. I have heard none of them address specifics on job or business creation and proposed policies. Do this successfully and you solve most the other problems they presumably care about. Most of them are actors and frauds like most politicians.

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  8. If Crabil and Jamona Jenn were not already on the council , I would have liked to see the Kelbz elected. He reminds me of Scott Black, in a good youthful way. But 3 of them on the council is 2 many-


  9. ENOUGH! This is OUR town, and so let’s get OUT AND VOTE and keep riff raff and imbeciles like this from ruining OUR fair town. It’s BAD ENOUGH we have Tari, Jenn, and Jeff, but we SURE AS HELL DON’T NEED MORE IDIOTS !!


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