Bloomington tonight

By: Diane Benjamin

It will be fun to see if Jenn Carrillo’s head explodes:

She has questioned all spending for the police in the past.

A Public Hearing will be held on the budget. Likely few or nobody will make public comment.

What you should know:

The budget history:

Pre Tari:

The Renner legacy will be a 53.298% increase in spending.

See PDF page 294 for a brief recap of the budget.

$31,148,593 is use of fund balance, in other words money they have been saving.

When David Hales was the City Manager he wanted 15% reserves in the General Fund. Under Tim Gleason the reserves are scheduled at 22.28%. $24,296,676 will be stashed away in case it’s needed.

Wonder why you can’t save money? Check all the taxes and fees government steals from you so they can stock pile money.

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