Bloomington tonight – spending fake money

By: Diane Benjamin

After a presentation concerning the Western Avenue Community Center, Bloomington will discuss how to spend the $13.3 million they received under the American Rescue Plan. It’s not real money, the feds just printed it and pretend it isn’t causing inflation.

Watch for lists of dream items some aldermen might produce. The money won’t continue forever so if they have plans that will require more funding in the future, taxpayers will be on the hook.

I wonder if direct payments for social justice will be mentioned? Maybe more money to pay rent and utilities?

Tonight is where the true character of aldermen will be revealed. It should be entertaining!

From the 11/8/2021 meeting discussing raising taxes for the library:

Alderman Sheila Montney spoke about the huge increase in spending in recent years. Hit play below to hear Alderman Jamie Mathy claim the increases are due to not funding items like pensions, streets and sewers in the past. He is partially right. The City funded the Coliseum and BCPA instead. He missed that point as well as the ridiculous tax increases that happened because downtown was more important than essential services. (Increases: Sales tax, utilities tax, gas tax, entertainment tax, water and sewer increases, automatic garbage increases – I probably missed some) If aldermen tonight don’t stick to essential services, they will be creating the next Coliseum.

FYI: Renner’s legacy is a 53.298% increase in spending:

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