They’re Back!

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember the Responsible Cites PAC?

Mayoral candidates Chris Koos in Normal and Mike Straza in Bloomington had to pretend to leave the group when they decided to run.

Now Responsible Cities is pretending they don’t already know what candidates they are going to endorse. For mayor it will be Chris Koos and Mike Straza.

Koos is supposedly “responsible” for borrowing 10’s of millions of dollars and only paying interest on some of the bonds. The principal payments will last for decades longer and cost twice as much because of Koos’s irresponsibility. (Don’t let facts get in your way Responsible Cities, Straza is said to have help Koos get re-elected 4 years ago)

The letter below was sent to at least some of the candidates running for election early next year. Since Responsible Cities likely recruited Koos type people to run, are they really just trying to gather data on the opponents to use against them?

It was nice of them to include an expanded list of members. Many of those listed are the reason why Normal and Bloomington can’t fix the roads. Money has been spent on “Quality of Life” and “Right Fit” projects while essential services have been ignored. It is refreshing to see a long list of progressives all in one place however! (Progressives expect you to pay for their visions of utopia)

Will this PAC try to buy elections in April 2021?

6 thoughts on “They’re Back!

  1. The names on the left of their letter are a “who’s who” of debt is good and spending on wants over needs decision makers. This group wants to be “king makers”. We need to steer clear of anyone associated with this group endorses. Our grandkids will be paying for the debt these people have accumulated for decades. These folks have already demonstrated they cannot restrain government to live within their means.

  2. The members of this group are a mixture of socialists, globalists, statists and Control freaks. At least we will all know not to vote for whoever they endorse.

  3. The lefthand column contains names of people that have directly benefited from tax dollars (i.e. friends of government) and/or believe that local government should centrally plan the lives of the citizenry. It is comprised of members of the local elitist cabal that stand to lose considerably when (not if) Koos and his cronies are tossed out of office on election day. The gravy train is about to come to an end and these folks will actually have to work for their money, as opposed to feeding at the taxpayer trough. Good luck in the real world!

  4. These people are obviously running scared. It’s why they’ve formed a PAC. In Normal I think the writing is on the wall that their time is up. That said, don’t overestimate the power of money and what they won’t stoop to in order to hold onto their power. People cannot take anything for granted in this upcoming election. This is going to be a long hard fight. I expect this crowd to run a very dirty campaign. They’ve already started.

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