Candidates: Ignore Responsible Cities

By: Diane Benjamin

The Responsible Cities PAC is as badly named as the Affordable Care Act, which is anything but affordable. Borrowing money and only paying interest for a decade or more is their idea of responsible. The rest of us know who is really paying the excessive interest, it isn’t them.

This group of local elites has already decided who they want to see elected. Koos in Normal and Straza in Bloomington. Both were founding members who want you to believe massive debt is a good and handing out goodies to friends and family is how government is suppose to work.

The first thing this group did was pay consultants. Obviously they aren’t capable of seeing facts for themselves and being public servants. No consultants are needed to see constant tax and fee increases and lousy roads make you unfit for office.

Some previous stories:

A follow up letter has now been sent to candidates, this PAC expects them to fill out a questionnaire and then do an interview in January.

Filling out their survey will only be giving them legitimacy. Don’t give this group the audience they desperately need so they are not a flop. The candidates are the product. This PAC will use their picks to get donations for themselves. We already know who they will endorse. Don’t get used.

Complying with this PAC will provide ammunition to use against you.

Ignore them!

6 thoughts on “Candidates: Ignore Responsible Cities

  1. Is this how politics works? seems like its just a very broad, general statement about vague political beliefs that any politician can’t deny. What’s the purpose? Just to make a little money? Or are there other intentions that will be revealed later? I suspect that its easy to get on the list but once you’re on it they have a bit in your mouth that they’ll use to steer you to their agenda, or you’re off the list.

    Here’s an idea. I’ve got a new list of people who are human beings. For $100 you too can be on my list. That way whenever anyone asks what you are, you can say – “I’m a human being and to prove it, you can look me up on the Human Beings list!”

    I think the citizens of our cities need to interview this PAC and find out what they’re up to.
    Sorry, I trust politicians about as much as I trust elections nowadays.

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  2. I would strongly disagree about candidates not filling out the questionnaire. Agreement should never be a prerequisite for civic engagement. While it’s clear this PAC is the campaign apparatus to get Chris Koos reelected, along with other likeminded candidates, anyone running for public office has an obligation to answer questions honestly so that voters can make informed decisions. If one disagrees with the agenda of this PAC voters need to know when, where and how a candidate does disagree with them. Filling out a questionnaire does not equate to endorsing the PAC that’s giving the questionnaire. Candidates running for local office are running to represent the voters. Whether you agree with the Responsible Cities people or not, they’re part of our community and by refusing to fill out their questionnaire a candidate is in effect disenfranchising a large segment of our community. The PAC may not like the answers of the candidate, but the voters not only deserve to see the questions, they more importantly need to see the answers of the candidates.


    1. For any Honest PAC, I would agree that candidates have a duty to make an effort to put forth their positions to enable honest debate. If this were named the ‘Support the Establishment’ PAC, or if there were a ‘Communists of McLean County’ PAC or an ‘Insert Other Group Or Cause With An Obvious Bias Or Agenda’ PAC, I would urge candidates to at least try to work with them. If one does or does not get an endorsement from them, the implications are clear.
      But this PAC is based on misleading voters. By supporting this PAC, whether with money, information, or cooperation, you are contributing to their agenda of misleading voters, to the detriment those voters and probably yourself.

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