Friday History: Good News

By: Diane Benjamin

The County roads by me are great. Unlike driving in Bloomington and Normal where dodging potholes is a sport and riding a horse would be smoother, the County knows they don’t exist to be developers or entertainers.

Where my road meets Leroy-Lexington blacktop a large hole was developing. Turning north either requires crossing the southbound lane or turning into rock. A hole was beginning to work it’s way under the road, so last Monday I emailed Jerry Stokes County Engineer at the Highway Department..

More rock was added the same day. I didn’t get a picture of the hole, this is what it looked like yesterday:

The rock is already starting to shift but I know the County will come up with a fix. They aren’t going to let the Leroy-Lexington blacktop turn into Hershey Rd.

If you are sick of the City streets, take a drive in the county. It will be a lesson in government doing what government is expected to do. (Limited government)

I wonder if the Republican controlled County Board is better government than the Democrats running Bloomington and Normal while pretending to be non-partisan?

5 thoughts on “Friday History: Good News

  1. My brother-in-law lives in the sticks of Kentucky says that the gravel roads down there are in better shape than the roads in B-N. Don’t that take the cake?

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  2. In Normal bike trails receive a higher priority than the roads. FACT – Normal uses gas tax money to build new bike trails while roads crimble.

    Many Road Commissioners are also farmers. Farmers need good roads to traverse and engage in commerce. Normal has a bike shop owner for Mayor. If Normal wants better roads they should stop electing someone who personally profits more from bike trails than roads.

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