Proof McCarthy doesn’t deserve your vote

By: Diane Benjamin

Something else happened last Monday at the Normal Town Council meeting that unless you watched it you don’t know.

See 46:45. McCarthy pulled approving the minutes from the Omnibus agenda in an attempt to make them say something Stan Nord didn’t say. The minutes in question pertained to Stan’s Trustee comment about the Boy Scouts selling door to door. Stan thought it was hypocritical for the council members to collect signatures door to door while the Boy Scouts couldn’t sell.

Chris Koos did not support changing the minutes, he thinks they can only be changed for factual errors. The Town attorney chimed in too. He claimed “adding color” isn’t appropriate, McCarthy claims he wanted to correct information.

The bottom line is McCarthy wanted to catch Stan “fundamentally misrepresenting” information. Even after listening again I have no idea what McCarty’s means. I think Kevin is under the impression Stan talked to someone at the main Boy Scouts office instead of local troop leaders. Remember he wants to amend minutes that had nothing to do with the business of the night, Stan’s comment were after business was conducted and right before adjournment.

Stan mentioned when he first was seated on Council he was told the minutes couldn’t be amended because video of meetings exist so it’s not necessary. McCarthy’s motion was obviously political.

The discussion and vote took until 1:09:55. If you lost track, the council wasted

23 minutes

Chemberly Cummings and Kevin McCarthy were the only votes for making the proposed change.

One note, Chemberly was the first to vote. She may have voted no if she knew everybody but Kevin was going to vote no.

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