Does Normal Advertise Your Business?

By: Diane Benjamin

Or is it just the Friends and Family that get mentioned:


The rest of you serfs don’t deserve accolades for just trying to hang on when government doesn’t care about your business.

(Especially if you are a restaurant)

April 2021:

Vote to end the Normal Friends and Family Plan!

Picking winner and losers is no way to run a government!

7 thoughts on “Does Normal Advertise Your Business?

    1. Don’t deserve your business anyway. Servers and management are rude. Tried planning a wedding reception there and all involved acted like they could have cared less.

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  1. Here is an idea: tell the Pantagraph to postpone the ad buy or in 2021 or whenever the contract ends, there will not be any ad spending. They do not need to advertise closed venues. It would be like the Coliseum promoting a concert that has already been cancelled.

    As for Destihl, I see people posting about supporting them for small business Saturday. What about the places that aren’t national/international distributors and did not get huge tax breaks?

    I’m glad Destihl is here but where is Kev Grove, White Oak, and Lil Beavers’ free advertising? Next they’ll be telling people to get Portillo’s hot dogs (sorry Windy City) or to stay at the Marriott (sorry other hotels).

    Perhaps focus more on getting tenants to take the open leases in Uptown Normal?

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    1. Haha! Open leases in Uptown! First, nearly all tenants in Uptown have subsidized rent. Second, the Town (mainly Koos and Reece) have to sign off on the tenant first…because of their business acumen…hahahahahaha, right. They really want to make sure it meets their high (political) standards.

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