Enjoy the show Bloomington

by: Diane Benjamin

Normal has an excellent chance of electing servant representatives next April. You do remember they used to be called PUBLIC SERVANTS, not tyrants with their own agenda?

Bloomington not so much yet. Either everyone with morals and values is too busy working or they have left town.

This guy claims he is running in Ward 5:

It gets better: Straza is listed as Treasurer for Responsible Cities – the Chris Koos re-election PAC. Yes friends, Koos wants to export his tyranny to Bloomington. https://blnnews.com/2020/09/03/marc-tiritilli-normals-next-mayor-explains-the-document/


The Straza announcement led to this, Jenn’s buddy and far left teacher dropped out: (or did he?)

This is really hilarious since the two have nothing in common other than left. Straza is a Koos Democrat and Lawler is a Jenn Socialist/Democrat.

Straza will believe government creates prosperity, Lawler wanted to create prosperity by giving your money to people who didn’t earn it.

Straza forced Lawler to reconsider? The comedy doesn’t get much better.

14 thoughts on “Enjoy the show Bloomington

  1. Simple, why doesn’t a Republican that no one knows announce as a Democrat (just like the Democrats do to Republicans) and he can pander to all of the left crap, and get the vote split, so the real Republican wins. Fight fire with fire.


  2. The Left eating their own. Fun to watch. Well, at least Mike has built and invested in companies, unlike Jenn who wants to confiscate money from successful businesses and people.


  3. A Linked In page will pretty much tell you most of what you need to know about anyone. I admire most people that attempt to start businesses but this guy pretty much hasn’t stuck with anything past five years. I never thought anyone could ever beat out Matt Drat for most jobs worked for the shortest time period but this guy is close. Look, we all know that most people who run for these positions do it out of personal political ambition and not to serve the public. Any level of fame will do for them. Someone like a Stan Nord comes around once maybe every ten to fifteen years. I can look at his photo and see he is nothing but a self-promoter. It’s sad when good people no longer want to do public service because of the people they would have to work with. We have arrived at that point.

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  4. So positions that are supposed to be ‘non-partisan’ (but are) but Candidate Lawler only cares if someone comes in who he feels will Siphon votes from him. I can’t see a conservative candidate step forward in this area, but it would be nice if someone did as a person for responsible government and smart spending.

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    1. You want better government? *SUPPORT*, *RECRUIT*, & *BE*
      Good people need to SUPPORT good candidates. Whether that’s a 4- or 5-digit donation, just telling a couple neighbors why they should vote with you, or whatever in between, no candidate, good or bad, can win without outside support.
      Good people need to RECRUIT good candidates. If there isn’t one you can support, find one and tell them you’ll have their back and you’ll help out. Better still if you can bring a number of like-minded people.
      Good people need to BE those good candidates. Sometimes that great person you know just has too much on their plate or otherwise can’t run. If nobody else will, maybe it’s time for You to step up. Remember, you don’t have to be perfect. Heck, you don’t even have to be Good, so long as you’re better than whatever other choices are on the ballot.

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  5. . “Either everyone with morals and values is too busy working or they have left town.” Or, C. They’re busy raising their families meeting themselves coming and going. Mike Straza, Chris Koos and Dave Shields aren’t raising kids. They’re living in a completely different world from the average citizen in Normal Bloomington. That’s a big reason a lot of good people don’t run. They don’t have time. They’ve got to wake up to the fact that people like Straza are working against them not for them.

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    1. Yes they do live “in a completely different world ” Shields and Koos have alot in common. Wouldn’t surprise me if Straza is part of the gang. Think “identity” politics.


  6. I would like to be the first to welcome Patrick Lawler to the world where adults make decisions of their own accord. If only Mike Straza were a naive 16 year old at NCHS that was part of the group think Social Studies club that Lawler is accustomed to telling what to think, where to think it, and how to speak it the way that he thinks it.

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