Normal’s Bond debt – VISUAL

By: Diane Benjamin

See the below on PDF pages 177 and following. The only good news is the first one will be paid off next year. I added the interest rates in the lower left corner. The loans with no payments for many years carry high interest rates likely for that reason.

This isn’t the only debt Normal has. More on that later.

Remember that Responsible Cities PAC?

This is responsible? Check the interest taxpayers are stuck paying!

The PAC wants to tell you who to vote for. Since Chris Koos was a member before he announced for mayor, it is safe to assume they will promote people who think this is fine.

3 thoughts on “Normal’s Bond debt – VISUAL

  1. That is so depressing. Cutting expenses and no more unnecessary projects are long overdue to reduce the debt. It doesn’t take a CPA to see what Koos and company have done to destroy the cities financial well being. Start with reorganizing Connect Transit another absolutely horrible financial disaster.

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