Bloomington City Manager Gleason gets a huge raise

By: Diane Benjamin

See the agenda packet for Monday here:

City Manager Tim Gleason is getting a 3% raise because he’s doing such a wonderful job:

See PDF page 57.

You have to continue reading to find out how much the new salary is before benefits:


I wonder if Jenn Carrillo is okay with this? The average Bloomington salary is $63,000 according to

Gleason is worth more than 3 times what average citizens earn Jenn?

Last night on Twitter Jenn and I had a conversation about Jeff Bezos’s income. She’s appalled, I pointed out he produces a service people must like and that’s why he filthy rich. If people want to affect him financially, quit buying from Amazon.

What does Gleason “make” to earn this much? He manages the money taken from people who didn’t volunteer it. He doesn’t “make” anything.

The roads are still crap.

Automatic fee increases are still in place for which people get no additional benefits.

City employees still have jobs while the private sector has lost jobs.

Revenue hasn’t recovered and won’t for a long time.

Businesses have closed permanently.

When does government feel any pain Jenn? Going to pull this from the Consent Agenda?

Why is this raise on the Consent Agenda? Has the Council been instructed it isn’t up for public discussion? Tari Renner was appalled a few meeting ago that anything gets pulled for discussion. He considers the Consent Agenda routine. A 3% raise during an economic crisis isn’t routine!

9 thoughts on “Bloomington City Manager Gleason gets a huge raise

  1. Pay policy announced April 21, 2020 by UnityPoint Health. Please read summary below.

    OSF Healthcare prior to Unity Health announced a similar policy

    Caterpillar announced that no executive pay increases and no incentive payouts (bonuses) this year.

    This summary of pay issues at UnityPoint Health was sent to the Normal Council prior to the vote on the the proposed pay increase for the Town Manager to no avail. Every issue is cut and dried in Normal before coming to the Council.

    UnityPoint Health officials announced Tuesday a temporary reduction in hours for some employees, limited furloughs and salary reductions for executives.
    Officials said UnityPoint Health hospitals and clinics are facing unprecedented challenges and volume declines as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic.
    “As a health system, we have already taken necessary steps to ensure we emerge from the current situation in a strong position. This includes pausing elective services, deferring or delaying all capital projects, reducing unnecessary spending and now, implementing additional workforce changes,” the company said in a news release.
    “The COVID-19 crisis has challenged UnityPoint Health as a care provider and as an employer,” said UnityPoint Health President and CEO Kevin Vermeer. “While we remain focused on providing the best care possible for our patients, it’s critical we conserve our resources wherever possible. These changes in our workforce are needed to ensure we can continue meeting the healthcare needs of our communities into the future.”
    April 26, 2020, the organization is implementing the following changes:
    • Short-term, limited reduction in hours for administrative, support, ancillary and clinical team members and leaders
    • Reduction in hours available to work or furloughs for those areas that are not operating at capacity or experiencing closures
    • 15% average reduction in executive pay
    The company said it is providing resources to affected team members including continuation of benefits and financial assistance resources where applicable.
    “Our people have been and will continue to be our focus,” said Vermeer. “We recognize the impact this has on them and their families and will do all we can to support them through this and come out stronger as a team and a healthcare provider.”

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    1. Good share, Compassionate. There are many, and I dare so a strong majority, of business owners and leaders that cut their own salary and perks before even entertaining reduced hours or layoffs of employees. Trouble is, that doesn’t make the news.

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  2. The local government aristocrats live in their own elitist alternate universe. Gleas “the fleece” is another overpaid political hack hired to justify the actions of, and do the bidding for, the mayor’s office and the local clique. People of similar titles in much larger and/or more successful cities are paid far less. Jenn is a fan of big and intrusive government, so Gleason gets a free pass. If he wanted to do the right thing and score some social capital, he would forgo his raise and say something like “I appreciate the gesture, but I cannot accept a raise knowing what so many are going through right now. Losing jobs, businesses closing…” Of course, fat chance that will happen.

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  3. We should all be happy about this. Just think what we would have to pay a City Manager with a track record of real success?

    We are talking multi-million dollar contract and a shoe deal!

    So just be happy we have a City Manager who has Decatur on his resume.

    We have a real deal going with this Gleason guy!

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  4. Interestingly enough, the northbound bridge construction heading into downtown has been finished for MONTHS. However construction signs warning motorists of 10’0″ lanes were still up at the corner of Main and RT Dunn drive as of Tuesday. It’s sad, that I had to email public works to remove the signs the construction company forgot….
    Now if the state/county/city can get together to get Us150 from mclun to Lincoln resuraced that would barely amazing. State blames city/county. City blames state/county. County blames city/state. C’mon y’all can’t we all just work together?

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