The REAL Chemberly Cummings

By: Diane benjamin

h/t a reader

Besides borrowing money at 97.74% interest, Chemberly’s actions on the Normal Town Council prove she isn’t fit to serve if you are looking for fiscal responsibility in government.

You didn’t know about the loan? See detail here:

Front of her campaign literature

Below is the back side of the campaign literature her minions are hanging on people’s homes. It proves she believes government should control your lives because you aren’t capable. Medicare For All would destroy the healthcare system. She is a typical democrat and prefect for Mike Madigan. That is also why she should never be elected.

Cummings is against Cash Bail! Set criminals free, it’s working great in other cities! She condemns systemic racism. How did she get elected to the Normal Town Council and how did we have a black president for 8 years if racism is rampant?

If Chemberly really cared about education she would support school choice. Parents should have the ability to pick a school that matches what their child needs instead of being assigned one because of their address.

See the gun safety section. Do you know anybody who is pro-illegal transportation of guns? Since she is against Cash Bail, does she want those who illegally transport guns released within hours of getting caught?

Universal Pre-K? Start the leftist indoctrination sooner? Make sure the extremely young know they live in racist country?

Remember who Cummings is if she decides to run again next year for the Normal Town Council when she loses in November.

11 thoughts on “The REAL Chemberly Cummings

  1. This representative of those who can’t, won’t or are to dumb or too lazy to do anything, just wants to get elected and ultimately enrich herself. This is how it works for Democrats. Shame, pander, and demand ways to help the “disadvantaged” to bleeding heart liberals, socialist elites and SJWs with the goal of attaining positions of power then using those positions to enrich themselves and other like-minded cretins.

    If we don’t vote all these criminals out of office, the “State” will be officially DOA and not able to be revived. I know a lot of people who have already left the state and more that are planning to leave.

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  2. “Voice of underrepresented” She needs to clarify who exactly she means.

    She has been silent to the pleas for help from those who are physically unable or cannot afford to drive. She has been a vocal supporter of DIS-Connect Transit’s. A selfish group who lavishes money on themselves, buys expensive buses too large to serve the needs of our community while removing service from trailer parks, section 8 housing, the entrances to our hospitals/medical centers, and refuses to put a bus stop at the entrance of the Regional VA Clinic. Connect continues to refuse service to Midwest Food Bank, who most would argue is dedicated to the underrepresented.

    She has refused to help these underrepresented residents in B/N. In her role on the town council, she has demonstrated she will not fight for the disabled and financially challenged. She should tell the public who exactly she defines as underrepresented. We already have plenty of people representing government waste and neglect of the taxpayers and residents.

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    1. Underrepresented is code for poor people, handicapped people and minorities. But she is really speaking for her own (and others) political ambitions and the socialist elites currently running this town.

      Transit Connect is the Green Top Grocery of transportation. It pretends to serve the poor and unable to drive citizens, while it acts as a prop for the city’s image. It is also part of the Koos and company Uptown movie set where it “adds value” to the ISU students’ overpriced college experience.

      Is the Green Top bringing affordable nutritious food to the “underrepresented” people in town? NO because only rich people can afford to shop there.

      Is Connect Transit really helping move “underrepresented” people around town? NO it seems to be deliberately not serving them.

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  3. Her campaign flyer says, “How will this be done? By strengthening underfunded communities!” Which means, MO MONEY, HIGHER TAXES! She must think her constituents are really stupid not to see that! What an insult!

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  4. She believes in budgeting? She has a horrid track record of managing responsible budgets. 97% interest for a personal loan and voting for every tax and fee increase while on the town council is her legacy. Her version of responsible budgets is raising taxes and ignoring the spending problems. She said on the radio she is for the fair tax without spending reform.

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  5. We know her story. She’s a person of color and a woman and she’s been discriminated against her ENTIRE LIFE. Woe is me….. what a phony!


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