See if you can spot anything strange

By: Diane Benjamin

The below was received by FOIA from the City of Bloomington. It is a list of the top purchasers of Bloomington water:

There is more to this story, soon!

22 thoughts on “See if you can spot anything strange

  1. You wanna give us unwashed masses a clue or three what we’re supposed to be seeing?

    Other than the people of Hawthorne II must water their grass a whole friggin lot.

    And ditto for OSF, State Farm and BroMenn.


  2. Is it the water revenue from Rivian that Pam and Koos are spending a quarter of a million dollars on a study to figure out how to steal it from Bloomington?

    They claim this is for economic development. ED should be done at a regional level. Competing with and stealing from Bloomington is not regional economic development. I hope the next administration will collaborate more with Bloomington.

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    1. Stop making sense, Stan.

      When you’re as incompetent as Koos & his crony crew, you take symbolism over substance as a huge win anytime you can get it. Because frankly, most of the news coming out of Normal is bad. Hell, their police squad car they had on public display yesterday at the Corn Crib looked like it had been through a demolition derby.

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  3. I should have clarified the quarter million is just for the study. Construction is not included in that number. The end result will be Normal’s water service essentially atop Bloomington’s existing service. A waste of B/N resources. Per the town manager, no business requested this duplicate service. It was a “staff request”.

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  4. Actually, Bridgestone tire plant is technically in the County. Unless something happened in the last few years I don’t know about it gas never been annexed into Normal. That comes from county building and zoning, not me.


  5. Need to look at why Bloomington has not used well water to irrigate Highland. Bloomington uses it own water at taxpayers expense!


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