Part 1: Why Chemberly isn’t fit to serve

See part 2 here:

By:  Diane Benjamin

The almost 11 minute speech Cummings gave announcing her candidacy for a seat in Springfield made it clear she isn’t running as a public servant.  If you watch Normal Town Council meetings you see the same thing.

If you missed Chemberly proclaiming herself “the royal fortress”, watch it here:


Below is a court document, available to the public, garnishing Cumming’s wages at State Farm.

I chose to redact her salary, it should have been enough to pay bills however.  She is married, but in the process of a divorce since April.  See Part 2 tomorrow with details of loan she took out in 2017 that led to this action.

Part 2 will further prove she is unfit for any office!

Note:  This was only final a few months ago.  She is getting $306.59 taken out of every check.


15 thoughts on “Part 1: Why Chemberly isn’t fit to serve

  1. Chemberly is the variant spelling of Kimberly. According to Wikipedia the given name Kimberly means royal fortress. That’s what she was talking about in her speech. Secondly if everyone who might have has some financial difficulties was barred from office, Trump would not be president

    1. Trump got elected because he campaigned on representing and serving unrepresented people. You know, the ones that Hillary called deplorable. Cummings obviously has no intention of serving others. She’s in it all for herself.

  2. The town council meeting where they were discussing Connect Transit and she held up the glass of water and asked if you saw it as half full or half empty was the point I lost any respect I had for her. She then went on to “mansplain” to everyone her views and talk condescending to all who opposed her. I don’t know how she fits her ego through the doorway.
    The thing that scares me when radicals run for small local positions is it’s not truly to serve their constituents but to be a stepping stone to a higher office where they can do lasting damage.

  3. So when Chemberly refers to herself as the Royal Fortress, she’s speaking to me as a sister and I need to stop and interpret the code. But, if I’m an Apostolic Christian farmer living in Fairbury, which last time I checked is still in the 105th district, I’m not going to even bother to break the code. Those people got their own ideas of sisterhood and the Royal Fortress ain’t it. I doubt if the Royal Fortress can even point to Fairbury on a map, or for that matter Gridley or Chenoa. But, add Erik Rankin to the mix, a cancelled political science class on election day with the promise of extra credit and free pizza for those who stand in line at noon for same day voter registration, and the Royal Fortress just might end up winning this thing. Either way, guaranteed accusations of voter suppression and a rigged election compliments of Kathy Michael’s office. Nikita looks rather tame next to the Royal Fortress. We ain’t seen nothing yet, “this girl is on fire.” Plenty of drama yet to come. The Royal Fortress won’t disappoint.

  4. Wow! Nearly $8000 a year. I’m just glad they went after her to recoup the money. And I wholeheartedly agree. She has no intention of serving the public, only herself.

  5. This area is in serious trouble politically and economically. Ten to fifteen years ago someone like Cummings would have been discredited as the intellectually challenged person she is and declared unfit for public office on that fact alone. In 2019, all you need to do is gender and race bait and you automatically have political bona fides. We have gotten to this point because modern society is so intimidated of being called names that no longer have meaning. The educational system is largely to blame because it has indoctrinated so many so easily. Cummings, like Carrillo and others in the local political realm are likely Socialists that have targeted this area for a takeover for years. Neither are smart people but good little soldiers that take their orders from the Don Carlson’s, Tari Renner’s , Erik Rankin’s, and local organized labor leadership that are sick of being in the local political minority. They see their opening and are striking while the iron is hot with Chicago money.

  6. More Fake News…Fact Check: ” In English Baby Names the meaning of the name Kimberly is: From the wood of the royal forest. From the royal fortress meadow.”

  7. Chemberly knows she likely won’t win another term as Normal council-alderwoman-trustee-koos-person so might as well go for Brady’s seat.

  8. Can’t trust her… intention of bring fair for ALL the people. Personal agenda only to help herself and those that resemble her. Sickening!

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