Free with Mosquitoes, $40 without

Take your pick:

free miller park

(or don’t)

6 thoughts on “Free with Mosquitoes, $40 without

  1. Why this is DISCRIMINATION against the “poor” and less fortunate people of the west side. Where’s JEN’S “bitch fit” on this, or don’t she care , since it don’t concern rainbow people, illegals or homeless folk?? Don’t think I’d walk across the street for this even when I DID live by Miller Park, and SURE AS HECK ain’t gonna spring $40 for a gig @ the BCPA!!

    1. Because members, attendees, supporters, and volunteers with the BCPA are liberals, so they, therefore, can never discriminate. [sarcasm] Haha! The BCPA on its own has historically discriminated against low income/working poor by increasing taxes, which disproportionately impact this cohort, in order to pay for the entertainment of the wealthier elitists.

      1. The left does not understand sarcasm or like anything the resembles real comedy. The left is losing their minds over Dave Chappelle’s Netflex “Sticks and Stones”.

        The BCPA is by and for the liberal elites of this area. They seem to have no problem robbing from the poor (through tax dollars) to fund their “cultural BS”.

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