New Bloomington Website – waste of YOUR space

By:  Diane Benjamin

The City of Bloomington is now posting information about meetings in a new place with a different presentation:  

Instead of being able to view supporting documents on-line, everything now downloads automatically.  Either people will no longer look at the documentation or their computers will be clogged with a bunch of meaningless documents.

VenuWorks will present their version of the financial statements.  Listen for un-audited in the presentation.  The City likely knows what the audited loss is, but you aren’t allowed to know yet.

The paper was finally forced to admit a huge fire occurred on City property at Lake Bloomington.  The fire happened in March.  They claim the loss is over $500,000.  It is, according to my reporting the loss is over $1,000,000.  This is one of the stories:

The Council will discuss replacing the gutted structure.  Since the staff couldn’t do their job without replacing a lot of the destroyed equipment, much of it has already been purchased.

Cannabis is back again.  This time the Council will hear what the Illinois Municipal League recommends.

This meeting is scheduled to be short – an hour and 16 minutes.  We will see.


One thought on “New Bloomington Website – waste of YOUR space

  1. Cant wait to see how many millions of taxpayers dollars will be wasted on this building! I see another feasibility study on the type of building and the purpose of the building and who should build the building. Of course building the building will probably be from an out of town company . Hey since we are building a building why dont we add a kitchen, a couple of state of the art showers and a place to sell art! Oh wait, thats Normals schtick !


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