No Reimbursement for Lake Bloomington Fire – yet

By:  Diane Benjamin

Original story:

I filed this FOIA request for additional information on the Lake Bloomington fire:

foia lake

Below are answers to two of the three questions:

answers to 2

Four months after the fire the City has received zero from insurance.  I believe they have bought everything they plan to replace except the building.  I have no idea where those items are being stored.

The debris from the fire was not cleaned up for more than three months, this is just one of the emails received:

insur lake

The media is still burying this story.  PMA insurance covers the losses up to $1,000,000.  Over that is covered by Firemen’s Fund.  Some of the emails reference contacting Firemen’s which means the total loss is over ONE MILLION DOLLARS.  

Is failure to report #FakeNews?

It is to me.






10 thoughts on “No Reimbursement for Lake Bloomington Fire – yet

  1. The dirty little secret is the Lake Bloomington storage building/warehouse/garage has long been a “hidy hole” for the City of Bloomington to “bury” embarrassing/controversial/questionable/illegal(?) items out of public view and away from scrutiny. Can’t think of a more likely City owned property where somebody might want a bad, “accidental” fire to happen. EXACTLY what was in there at the time of the blaze might prover very interesting. Bet we will never know. Just sayin’.

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    1. We probably will never know. I also in my evil mind have to wonder if some “extra special” activities might have been going on that somehow started the fire. Maybe a improperly discarded smoking item/device into a pile of rags. Places like this can be used for more that just hiding questionable items…. However I can’t see this as where Taxn’ Tari hid his P-Card receipts because if it were, it would still be burning.

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  2. Did you see the Pantagraph begging us to support local journalism? I do support local journalism. Which is why I don’t support the Pantagraph. Supporting the Pantagraph or WGLT is like the opposite of supporting journalism…why don’t they cover this stuff? Who tells them what to report?

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      1. Yes and my guess is as their base continues to grow with age the readers will continue to be less. I know some older folk (maybe with too much money and I have yet to admit I am close to their age) who don’t read hardly anything in it but they keep the subscription going because that is what they have done for 30years.

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  3. The cause of this fire has not been determined. The contents of the files appears to be somewhat unknown. Questions could be raised, but they would never be answered.


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