Another BCPA loss

By:  Diane Benjamin

For May 2019 the BCPA has only posted one report:

bcpa season end

More proof government isn’t capable of “entertainment”.  The poor are forced to subsidize losers at both the BCPA and the Coliseum.  When is the Council going to figure it out?

3 thoughts on “Another BCPA loss

  1. When are Jenn and Mayor Tippytoes going to crack down on the BCPA, which caters to the Bloomington-Normal 1%ers who are taking money away from the working poor to fund their personal entertainment?! These fatcats need to pay their “fair share”! :p

    1. As long as BCPA serves as a “social Justice machete” to to slash at us with Naked Magicians and other deviant, and/or anti-American “entertainment”, Crazy Jenn and Tiny Tari don’t care if it breaks the taxpayer completely. Though for different reasons, look at how they feel about Connect Transit.

  2. Face it! Tari is only concerned about ONE person, and that’s TARI! The ONLY way he’d even CONSIDER cutting out ALL this spending BS-Connect Transit, Arena, BCPA, Downtown, etc, etc, is if he THOUGHT (big ideal there) he would LOSE his seat as mayor to some competent person.
    As for “Tiny guy” being honest, we ALL know by now, that he lies everytime he speaks. He CANNOT be trusted, he even lies to himself..
    And WHY do these venues CONTINUE to lose money and have just the bottom of the barrel shows? EVERY other city, larger or smaller gets WAY better shows then B-N!!
    NEW MANAGEMENT NEEDED: from Gleeson on DOWN!!!

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