Update: Stan Nord makes a GREAT point

A little of what Craig Stimpert and Ron Ulmer said at public comment is on this WHOI news report:  https://hoiabc.com/news/town-of-normal-opts-to-keep-property-taxes-about-the-same-cutting-budget-instead

By:  Diane Benjamin

Since there is no video of Public Comment from Monday’s Council meeting, there is no permanent record of what was said.

Stan Nord left this comment this morning:

stan comment

In case the above is too small to read:

This technical issue illustrates why the written minutes are so critical to be an accurate representation of what transpired. (Currently, there is disagreement on the importance of written vs. video log.) If we are to be so reliant on “tech” then safeguards must be in place to ensure technical issues do not compromise the historical record.

The Town of Normal has chosen to issue minutes with very little detail.  They claim the video is available if more information needed.  This time the video is NOT available, the minutes need to document what each of the seven speakers said.  I see another controversy brewing, did the clerk even take notes?

One of the speakers, Doug Fansler, posted his notes on Twitter yesterday.  Doug used these for his Public Comment and was cut off by Chris Koos because he exceeded the 3 minute time limit.  I hear the camera should be focused on the Council instead of the speaker, some interesting reactions would be on the “permanent” record.  How about a split screen Normal?

fansler comment


17 thoughts on “Update: Stan Nord makes a GREAT point

    1. You really think his highness would allow that? I can see everyone coming with video cameras and a NPD officer standing at the door confiscating them. HH would not go for having the entire truth out there.


  1. As we see with the Royal Fortress, it’s not just what’s spoken that needs recording. What about their nonverbal hatred for Stan Nord? The rolling of the eyes, the sighs and groans, the burying and shaking of the head, the smirks and other facial expressions.

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  2. While all of his comments are valid and on point, I especially like the last paragraph. I have long wondered why Nick Africano was allowed to receive and keep $500,000.00 for tearing down two buildings on Beech St on HIS property, and NOT have the job completed. Wouldn’t we all like to be given such huge amounts of cash.


  3. I had notes on what I was going to say, but various other speakers covered most of my points so I kept my comments short rather than be redundant. Apparently I should have expanded instead!

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  4. Tech staff knew early. Did they tell anyone in charge? Mayor or Pam Reece should have been told and stopped the meeting. I texted Marc Tiritilli at 7:17 PM after posting the comment below and asking the 3 camera operators I could find, news agencies. Planned?

    Magically when the meeting was to begin it worked!

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  5. “The most rabid demagogue can say in a free country what he chooses…” Charles Dickens.
    Shame on the Normal leadership for their censorship.


  6. I sat in the second to last row of the room and was there before 6:30. The tech guy in the AV room was helping the CDBG guy with another employee. There were comments made by a female behind me about good thing they arrived early to prepare the technology. Pam Reece was up front then about 5 minutes before the meeting left, she came back at exactly 6 pm and handed out a document to everyone on Council. A woman I recognized from a previous council meeting who presented on technology came into the room and sat behind me with Beth Whisman at about the time Karl Sila was speaking. I noted Angelia was not taking any notes. This was not an accident or a technological glitch.

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  7. My Uber app shows it as “River” not Rivian lol. Also the uptown Amtrak pick up is a mess. They as us to pick up on floor two of the parking garage but the passengers aren’t educated about this so most don’t want to do this.

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    1. So can the residents of Normal petition for a recall of Fuhrer Koos and his brown shirt alter-people? It seems to me that we are at the point where the taxpayers need to stand up and say: NO MORE!


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