Solar panels?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Today I received an email from Habitat for Humanity with this included:


Did you know all the people in California who invested their money in solar panels still didn’t have power when PG&E shut off power?  No Tesla charging, no lights, nothing!


Might be worth asking questions before you spend a lot of money to be off the grid.  You might not really be independent.

I wonder if tax dollars are being diverted for this program?  LIKELY!

10 thoughts on “Solar panels?

  1. I told my mother in law this was a scam. She has been contacted where she lives and I told her not to talk to them or let them in her house. She is older which is why I think they’re bothering her.

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    1. Nope, Tom is a Leftwing control freak. Bet he would vigorously oppose the self reliance of having solar panels that are “off the grid”. Leftists just CAN’T STAND the individual liberty of a person taking care of themselves without government interference. Cuts down on Democrat votes.

      Another good example is it being illegal to collect rain water on your own property in California. Look it up!


      1. Fact Check: From your link: “The Rainwater Capture Act of 2012 was amended to allow Californians to capture and use water for various purposes.”

        PREVIOUSLY ILLEGAL, now allowed with a whole series of nanny state, liberty crushing, nit picky restrictions.

        Same Dif!

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    This site is referenced on the handout at the ARC. Next meeting tomorrow, 11/7 @10:30. Illinois Solar for All is part of the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA).
    Handout at ARC states ‘Participants in these programs see no up front costs, so individuals, nonprofits, and public facilities can benefit from solar panels without the burden of financing the solar installation all at once’.
    I will send handout to Diane. Scam preying on elderly and low income citizens is what I read, pitiful.

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