The difference couldn’t be more clear

By:  Diane Benjamin

The local political parties elected their leadership this week.  The Republicans picked Connie Beard for a second term.  Connie works in the private sector.  The Republicans previous leader was John Parrott.  He worked in the private sector.

The Democrats chose Nikita Richards.  She works for the City of Bloomington.  Their previous chairman was Erik Rankin.  He works for ISU and is now running for a County office.

I don’t know enough about the Libertarians to include them.

Between the two parties, which one knows how an economy works?  The ones making it work or the ones making rules for how it works?

We are largely ruled by Democrats because the Republicans are busy providing goods and services people want.  Democrats use government to provide goods and services people don’t want and bill taxpayers.  Need a list?





(You will know why the last one is included later today)

Republicans need to step up!  Governing wouldn’t be a big deal if private sector types ran both cities.  There wouldn’t be any “big” projects like the above, just essential services.

Remember when Nikita ran for County Clerk?  She had a problem not mixing her campaign with her day job.  I hope she doesn’t have to be watched daily.  She posted this about how she spent yesterday – Thursday.  Is she on vacation or still working for Bloomington?  Did taxpayers pay her for this:

nikita 1st day


7 thoughts on “The difference couldn’t be more clear

  1. The people who build this area (our ancestors) were hard working entrepreneurs and business men. They brought this area from a empty spot on the prairie into a mecca for commerce, education and family supporting jobs.

    Starting with Bill Clinton’s signing of NAFTA, the National Democratic Party began to destroy what our ancestors had build for us. As our local political leadership became infected with Democratic Socialist elites, the decline of our business environment began in earnest.

    Those who can, start and run successful businesses that grow economies and create good jobs.

    And those who can’t, burrow themselves into non-profit, education or government jobs while doing their best to feather their own nests and expand their socialist fiefdoms.

    We must remove the Democratic Socialist infection from our governments here, if we hope to transition our area’s economy and create real economic growth in the 21st Century.

    People like Nikita, Renner, Koos are the problem and they will never be part of a solution that works.

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  2. How did Nikita have time to do her job the city is paying her to do if she was busy with the Democrats. That’s illegal if she is getting paid. Oh, wait we don’t have prosecutors.

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  3. The newly chosen Chairman of the Libertarian Party , Kevin Woodard, is working with Jennifer Carrillo and the Democratic Socialist to free prisoners from McLean County Jail and advocating for government employees to be paid even when they are not working.


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