Update: The latest LOCAL Covid-19 facts

A third death was reported today.  I can confirm that 2 of the 3 deaths recorded in McLean County had pre-existing conditions.  I do not have any information on the third.

By:  Diane Benjamin

Source:  https://health.mcleancountyil.gov/708/CORONAVIRUS-COVID-19

covid current facts

What the McLean County Health Department doesn’t report is how many people have been tested.  So I asked:

people tested

82 confirmed cases out of 1350 people tested means the infection rate is:


Keep in mind only high risk and people with symptoms are being tested.

Meanwhile, businesses will permanently close.  Unemployment is skyrocketing and will not recover quickly.  Domestic Violence calls are way up.  Mental Health problems are rising.  Tax revenue is plummeting.

Ask Gov. Pritzker to re-open downstate:  https://www2.illinois.gov/sites/gov/contactus/Pages/VoiceAnOpinion.aspx

The cure here is much worse than the destruction the shutdown is causing.

Businesses are even calling me now for help.  I might do a story about one of them.



11 thoughts on “Update: The latest LOCAL Covid-19 facts

  1. Well said. When we talk about opening the economy back up it does not just mean the stock market like many would want us to believe. It is everyday people living their everyday life. People going to work and living life is the economy. It is not sustainable to sit at home and collect a relief check. We know the distancing guidelines and are well versed in what it takes to stay safe. We can reopen vast areas of the country now. Those that are vulnerable or have health concerns can shelter while others return to work.

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  2. I struggle with the veracity of the numbers that are presented. From a data perspective, we have a problem. The population is not tested for exposure. In the presence of some symptoms, testing is rejected as well. It seems that only in the most extreme cases are tests even a remote possibility. At that point does the test really matter? My reference points are the good connections I have to the healthcare community and my experience with data and logic. When they tell me that CV19 tests and PPE are both largely non-existent, that tells me we have problems on so many levels, including when healthcare workers are being told not to track or report exposure. Even in the case of severe symptoms, many of them on the front lines are told to ignore it and come back to work “or else”. Wow. And these “leaders” are the professionals? Back to the data, in the absence of it how would one do the math on determining # of new cases and ratios toward outcomes including death? Seems like one could make a case for a 15% mortality as easily as 0.5%. Creating and animating this data alongside other data is an advantage for countries who are having the most success … finding the reference points to measure from. Data is apolitical, it has no ego, it simply is, and it exists to serve. Ultimately we have to deal with the world the way it is.


  3. Perhaps the most important two stats are:
    1) 2/171,517 = .000011 or .0001% Deaths in McLean County due to chinese flu
    2) 82/171,571 = .000478 or .04% Positive Chinese flu tests
    (171527 was McLean county population in 2019)
    The first stat is more telling, you can not die without others knowing it. Your cause of death supposably will be verified and known.
    The second stat however can be suspect as apparently one can have the chinese flu and not know it.
    So st least in our little neck of the woods this is why we have destroyed our economy for 6 weeks.
    How about some stats as to how m,any have died in same period due to smoking, regular flu etc.

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  4. “I heard it on the radio so it must be true” disclaimer. (No, not WGLT.)
    If we end all shelter-in-place type orders, we could increase the nationwide death toll by about 60K between now and August. This according to best guesses made by people who have a vested interest in high estimates.
    If we continue all shelter-in-place orders through August, we will increase the nationwide death toll by at least 70K from increased suicides, increased drug and alcohol incidents, increased crime, and other deaths that have a *known* statistical correlation with poor economic times.

    Initial caution was warranted, perhaps even some shelter-in-place to ‘flatten the curve’ and to allow time to develop more effective treatments. But at some point the treatment Does become worse than the disease. Any calls to extend or expand current closures need to not just point out potential Wuhan deaths, but to do a proper cost-benefit analysis.


  5. Basically almost everything the conspiracy theorists were talking about four weeks ago has proven them to be information analysts that were on the right track. With so many people out of work and time on their hands to explore the internet, the “better than thou” folks have really exposed their intentions this time. Time for pitchforks, tar and feathers, dismissed, fired, tried for cries against humanity.

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  6. HOW did we EVER survive 1918? We USED common sense!! This country has LOST it’s decency! No TP, bleach, hand sanitizer, I can’t even get seeds from a garden supplier in MI, as they are “non essential” so I say STARVE the imbeciles!!
    And while we do that LOOK at the CDC data for an AVERAGE year on influenza deaths..

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    1. You need to run for mayor! There’s an exception written in for mayors – at least that’s what Ms Lightfoot (D) up in Chicago seems to think…

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  7. Just remember where the numbers are coming from: THE GOVERNMENT! to paraphrase George Carlin: ” Never, ever trust ANYTHING the government says!” Prickster will hold onto his dictatorship as long as he can. Can we trust a man that is under federal investigation for lying on his taxes?


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