Update: More COVID local facts

4 more cases were found today, none are in the hospital.

By:  Diane Benjamin

ChicagoBusiness.com posted a database of Illinois hospitals last week.  It proves not only that hospitals are not overrun with Covid patients, but also they are being severely hurt by lack of elective procedures:


Bromennst joes

Below are the local stats as of 4/25/2020:


local stats

The number of cases have increased slightly, note hospitalizations are not increasing.  They are down from 4 on April 16th.  People testing positive aren’t that sick.

I asked the McLean County Health Department for an update on the number of tests performed at the Interstate Center.  I was told approximately 2,100.

As of April 16th, 1350 people had been tested.  That means a little over 80 people a day are being tested, the confirmed cases have only increased by 6.  The facility can test up to 250 a day, sick people aren’t showing up.  https://blnnews.com/2020/04/16/the-latest-local-covid-19-facts/

In case you are interested:  The Health Department has videos for DIY masks:  https://health.mcleancountyil.gov/739/COVID-19-DIY-Face-Mask

Below is a tweet from a WGLT reporter.  I hope Ryan doesn’t consider this journalism.

denham journalism

Although technically correct the tweet says nothing about underlying factors.  We know the elderly, those with pre-existing conditions, and those in close contact are more likely to contract COVID.

How about more information Ryan?  How many people with COVID are from the same family?  Live next door to each other?  Have high blood pressure or diabetes?

Tweeting what appears to call COVID-19 a racist disease must be Ryan’s version of journalism.  Don’t blacks deserve to know why the percent is so high.  People can’t modify behavior, increase social distancing, or change other contributing factors without facts.  Got any Ryan?

Meanwhile the real facts are:

  • confirmed cases remain extremely low
  • all businesses are essential or they wouldn’t exist (capitalism)
  • the damage being done to families and businesses don’t line up with reality
  • the damage done to the medical profession without patients is immense
  • local governments should be demanding re-opening before their finances are gone

The governor needs to stop treating the population like infants needing his protection.  People who don’t want to leave their house don’t have to.  Much of the population needs and wants to get back to work.

Wear masks, social distance, whatever it takes.  Another month is ridiculous downstate.

Taken this morning:

sign down

23 thoughts on “Update: More COVID local facts

  1. Ryan must have read the article in the Pantagraph regarding the same subject. Following CDC regulations to prevent the spread of infectious disease are probably not being followed. Many are not informed…

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  2. WGLT produces more fiction than fact. They write whatever paints their progressive agenda in the best light. One only needs to read their reports on the “highly successful” Uppity Town or Connect Transit. GLT leaders have huge personal attachments to these causes and will push them forward regardless of the cost to taxpayers or the WGLT reputation. Making claims of 35% with such a small data set is a mockery of our intelligence. The poll I took showed 100% of those polled believe WGLT produces FAKE NEWS. (The poll consisted of 1 response so it must be true according to GLT logic.)

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    1. No one is going to be able to sugarcoat Uppity Town’s failure. If classes don’t resume later this year, the Town finances are toast.

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  3. Is it just me, or has the general response to “open the economy” vs. “keep it shut down until X happens” largely split along party lines? It seems that way to me, and I find that very strange and surprising. Maybe I’m misinterpreting the news coverage.

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  4. Race-baiting Ryan has the scoop for WGLT’s slanted agenda. The liberal elitists and their white guilt want you to believe that health services are systemically racist and that there’s some form of “unconscious bias” that is causing this alleged discrimination. After all, with the far left, anytime there is a racial statistical disparity in anything the cause is automatically racism. If Ryan actually thought this through logically, he would have concluded that there is no logical argument for anything remotely resembling racism. The stat is not who with COVID-19 is turned away by hospitals (which they can’t do anyway, by law), but rather confirmed cases. Could it be that stats on infected cohorts (regardless of who is in that cohort, elderly for example) have to do with frontline job participation rates, pre-existing conditions, access to testing, social distance practices, large population density areas, or other factors? No, no, Ryan wants everyone to know the reason is racism (somewhere if you look hard enough and over analyze things…it’s there). Ugh!

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  5. We reside in a blue state. The news slant and actions of the government shouldn’t surprise anyone. While governor manboobs is totally devoid of measurable intelligence, he does know exactly what he is doing. His laughing reply to the Decatur reporters question this weekend is solid evidence. No matter what he does to us downstate there will be no repercussions to him at the ballot box so he gets to show us who has power and where it is situated, regardless of it being unconstitutional, illegal and immoral at this point.

    You may as well prepare yourself mentally for the long term effects of all this. I don’t mean the virus, I refer to the economic and social impact of the authority which has been taken and won’t be ceded. The impact on the dollar and subsequent taxation coming due to the amount of fiat money which has been created from thin air and where it went. The amount of willingness shown by so many fellow travelers to accept all this without a whimper and even join in by shaming those who understand their rights. The possibility of requiring forced vaccination with a rapidly developed genetic level altering vaccine as the WHO and that reputed virologist Bill Gates are pushing work on. Even more mass surveillance…..for the children. One could go on and on.

    It seems so many think that just the act of “opening up” at this point will put us back where we were. That point in time is gone and unrecoverable. The sooner we open up the less permanent damage will possibly be done on an individual level in some regard but the winners and losers have already been chosen. If you have never read and studied Plato’s Allegory of the Cave give that a perusal while you have time on your hands…..it explains this period in time quite nicely.

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  6. Is it just me? The SJW can not point the finger fast enough to blame lame statistics about chinese virus being a socially unfair virus. It disproportionately hurts some more than others and the blame has to be conservatives not funding these neighborhoods. Wonder if while making these claims if they looked at the hotspots and what they have in common. Chicago, New York, California, Washington, New Orleans, Detroit. To the person who said long standing democratic party stronghold cess pools you WIN!

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  7. If you are one of those folks in the area driving alone with a face mask on, you should make an effort after this is over to have your skull X-Rayed to see if there is anything in it?

    The average IQ in the United States is 99. Which of course means there are a lots of folks with double digit IQs. OK, below 99 you can function pretty well until you get into the 86 range. 86 is the point were our military rejects you. Yes you can’t be part of our modern military if you are a moron, but you can vote and you can easily be led around like a cow with a ring in it’s nose.

    In my recent adventures trying to out smart the hoarders, I have had (several times) the distinct impression that I was part of a dystopian science fiction story. Zombie like mask wearing humans wandering the isles avoiding me like “I” am the plague as their mission directed shopping consumes them.

    Who would willingly submit to becoming one of these mask wearing Zombies (while knowing our infection and death stats)?

    Dumb people with low IQs who are plugged into the mainstream media propaganda machine.

    Dear Dumb People of Blono,

    I always thought there were a lot of you in the area, but I never realized your overwhelming dominance in the population at large. This makes it easier for me to understand the population’s obsession with stuffing their faces with unhealthy restaurant food. You are just to dumb to know any better.

    In conclusion, please try to get a friend or two who enjoys the “reading thing”. And perhaps switching off CNN or MSMBC or WGLT once in a while and practice some “reading” and maybe have a conversation or two with someone you know is smarter than you?



    A Stranger in a Strange Land

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  8. It was predictable that the virus would be used to score political points. I predict this will definitely be used in the November election to influence people and beyond. Look for a ramping up of identity, economic and ecological politics to convince the electorate once again that the sky is falling and that the coronavirus is just another example of corporate greed and the result of climate change and capitalism.

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      1. No doubt he will appeal but I am enjoying the moment. Here is my deal. Not going to argue whether we should be in lockdown. Am going to argue the fact King Jay Bee should be forced to follow the laws as written. He did not, got called out and lost. Laws can be changed so if he really believes he is right then he should follow the constitution and get his boy Madigan to bring it up as a bill. That would be following the law. By putting it to a vote one might also find out who really represents their people and who only believes in party politics. For now JB, in your face….welcome to the world of us serfs.

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  9. The governor can fix the perceived racism thoughts that the majority of covid virus patients are African Americans just order a directive that only white people are allowed to roam freely in the state, also they cannot wear masks. This should help the statistics as more in the majority should get the virus. Just thinking!

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    1. Or simpler still is to not test minorities. Studies show a 5-30% US infection rate. 10% or less of them weren’t serious. Most never even knew they had it! You can get any statistics you want just my controlling how you collect them.


  10. Meanwhile in PEORIA county OPIOID OD’s are UP 40% NOW, what does THAT tell you???
    Wearing a mask is the the DUMBEST thing since taking elephants over the Alps!
    WANT to REALLY fight the FIGHT? MANDATORY testing! PERIOD, and ISOLATE the SICK people, You”ll find them in the TP aisle!


    1. The fight is over. We won. We know how to treat the severe cases now. Isolate the less sick. Isolate and monitor the at-risk. Maybe lockdowns for big cities if needed. Get everyone else back to work or school or normal life.

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  11. So, half the beds in BLONO hospitals are empty. Where are the people? Where are all the “sick C virus people?” Are they invisible? Prickster said yesterday that McCormick place has 3 patients in it. Yet we are still on lockdown? 3 patients in a place where thousands of dying people are supposed to be. Where are the C virus victims he keeps lying about? Are they invisible? Yet the imprisonment continues. As I have been saying all along, you cant believe a man who has lied to not only the people of Illinois but the IRS as well. Time for the lies to end. I know for a fact that not many of the multitudes of nursing homes here in town have seen very many if not any at all cases. My mom has been on lockdown since march . Not one case of c virus. The people who are jailed in the nursing facilities are ready to riot. They, like us are being held against our will by an overweight liar with delusions of Hitlerhood.

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