Is OSF still Catholic?

By: Diane Benjamin See the email below. OSF is demanding all employees be vaccinated. They will no longer recognize a religious or pregnancy deferral for not complying with Pritzker. Question 1 for OSF: Why do you take (illegal) executive orders about healthcare from a morbidly obese governor? Pritzker knows being morbidly obese puts him in […]

Update: The latest LOCAL Covid-19 facts

A third death was reported today.  I can confirm that 2 of the 3 deaths recorded in McLean County had pre-existing conditions.  I do not have any information on the third. By:  Diane Benjamin Source: What the McLean County Health Department doesn’t report is how many people have been tested.  So I asked: 82 […]

Common Core testing: read comments from the users

Unlike the Panatgraph opinion in today’s paper based on nothing, read actual comments made by teachers and the test writers: Dear Colleagues, This site contains responses (600+) to the all-new, CCSS-aligned ELA exam that Pearson gave this year in New York State. Given that Pearson is poised to compete with PARCC and Smarter Balanced as […]