Is OSF still Catholic?

By: Diane Benjamin See the email below. OSF is demanding all employees be vaccinated. They will no longer recognize a religious or pregnancy deferral for not complying with Pritzker. Question 1 for OSF: Why do you take (illegal) executive orders about healthcare from a morbidly obese governor? Pritzker knows being morbidly obese puts him in the extreme risk of dying from COVID category. He’s known for at least a year, how much weight has he lost to protect himself? Maybe a better question is how much weight has he gained because he doesn’t believe the hype:

Question 2 for OSF: If Pritzker issues another executive order demanding you perform abortions, are you going to comply with that one too? Question 3 for OSF: Your Catholic hospital is okay with a vaccine derived from aborted human fetuses? I could ask if the pope was catholic, but obviously he isn’t. The question is are you siding with the pope or the Bible? I know some Catholics who still care about God’s Word, does OSF? Question 4 for OSF: Are you trying to start a nursing shortage? Have you seen nurses walking out of hospitals because they will not give up their freedoms to comply with morally unconscionable edicts? Question 5 for OSF: If all employees wear masks while working, are you saying masks don’t work? Waiting . . .waiting . . . Question 6 for OSF: If testing, which contains ethylene oxide which could cause cancer, is a requirement for the job, do employees have to furnish everything they need to do their job at their expense? You randomly decided they have to pay for tests themselves? Question 7 for OSF: Did anyone at OSF tell CBS News you could be threatening the unborn babies of all those pregnant OB nurses they showed in their story last week? What about the fertility of those who want to get pregnant in the future? Question 8 for OSF: The death rate per the McLean County Health Department is 1.2%. That means 98.8% have recovered. This is a pandemic requiring forced vaccinations? Question 9 for OSF: If you are complying with Pritzker because you aren’t catholic and masks don’t work, is your edict really about the State money Pritzker will deprive you of for not bowing before him? Who is now your god?

Read the email below.

You have Mike Cruz’s email address. His phone number is 309-655-2850. We can all either stand with obese Pritzker or with the employees who deserve the right to make their own healthcare decsions.

Their body, their choice!

From: Mike Cruz, MD <[email protected]> Sent: Friday, September 3, 2021 8:27:23 AM Subject: Testing for unvaccinated Mission Partners and elimination of pregnancy deferral  
Dear Mission Partner, On August 26, 2021, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker issued an executive order mandating health care workers be vaccinated against COVID-19. Additionally, the mandate calls for health care workers who have a medical or religious exemption and are unvaccinated to be tested weekly for COVID-19.    OSF was a leader in the state of Illinois by requiring our health care workers be vaccinated against COVID-19 by September 30, 2021. As a result, 79% of our Mission Partners have received at least the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine or the first dose of the two-dose series by Moderna or Pfizer in advance of our deadline, and that number continues to grow.   Under Gov. Pritzker’s mandate, health care workers must have their first dose by September 5, 2021, and if not fully vaccinated by this time, must begin weekly testing. We have been working to interpret how Gov. Pritzker’s mandate impacts our unvaccinated Mission Partners in Illinois. Despite our efforts of requiring vaccination, there remains some Mission Partners who will be required to test weekly beginning September 5, 2021, as detailed in Gov. Pritzker’s mandate. These Mission Partners include: – Anyone granted a medical or religious exemption. – Anyone with a pending medical or religious exemption request. – Individuals who have received a deferral to a later date. – Anyone who has not yet complied with the required OSF COVID-19 vaccination policy by getting the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine or the first dose of either of the two-dose vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer. Mission Partners affected by this mandate will be required to show their direct manager proof or confirmation of a negative test each week. This proof can be a printed result from your medical record or a date-stamped picture of a test result. In terms of getting tested, Occupational Health/Employee Health will not be conducting this required testing. Mission Partners will have to seek out testing opportunities at community testing sites hosted by the state or their local health departments or at retail pharmacies. You can also self-schedule as a patient with your OSF primary care provider, OSF OnCall Urgent Care or OSF PromptCare or purchase and use an FDA-approved at-home test to comply with the testing mandate. Elimination of pregnancy deferral Although OSF was previously allowing pregnant Mission Partners to obtain a vaccination deferral, the Illinois governor’s mandate does not allow for deferrals any longer. Additionally, considerable new evidence has made it clear that vaccination against COVID-19 is critically important for pregnant women, those who are trying to become pregnant and moms who are breastfeeding. There is overwhelming support for vaccinating pregnant women from respected medical and public health bodies. In addition, OSF has recently seen an increase in unvaccinated pregnant individuals with COVID-19 requiring hospitalization and ICU admission. For those reasons, EOC has eliminated the option for Mission Partners to request a new pregnancy-related deferral from the COVID-19 vaccine requirement, effective immediately. Mission Partners who are pregnant may still apply for a medical exemption, per the mandate, and their request will be processed through the ADA and state law accommodation process. Pregnancy-related deferrals granted up to this point are being honored.   If you have questions, please talk to your direct manager. Please know, some grace will be given as we work to finalize details to fully meet Gov. Pritzker’s mandate. More information will be available soon.   Thank you for your attention to this matter, and thank you for all that you do for the Sisters’ sacred Ministry. Mike Cruz, MD Chief operating officer, OSF HealthCare Chief executive officer, Central Region          
This email is a service of OSF HealthCare.

8 thoughts on “Is OSF still Catholic?

  1. Our Governor is profiting of the pain he is causing. He is heavily invested in both Covid testing as well as several of the so called vaccines.

    My bet is that if we look deep enough he is actually making bank on nearly everything he stands for politically.

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  2. quite honestly OSF sucks compared to 10yrs ago, from the decisions to remove services (like streator IL) to the policies they put in place and beyond. a christian hospital aside there should be enough talent there to provide push back, and back up. proving that masks and the vax are harmful and/or ineffective. there are plenty of mayo clinic doctors pushing back but its going to take more than a few big boys doing all the heavy lifting. OSF needs to push back but these companies are scared to lose funding. a close friend of mine was told by OSF “vax or youre fired”. this person wrote a letter to HR citing several biblical verses and the stance they took about the vax and their christian beliefs and only after a lengthy letter and mild butt kissing were they allowed the “exception” and kept their job even though IL law prohibits such behavior there is science like this: and then there’s the OSF upper mgmt taking the easy way out at the expense of patients and staff. is another example of how the masks dont work. and for good measure i’ve added this video: long story short after 50 deaths in a trial this professional pulled the plug…we are what; 20,000-30,000 deaths in from the vax that we know of? no raised eye brows? tell me its NOT about the money at this point? Ivermectin fixes it. Hydroxychloroquine prevents it. but they are both the cost of asprin. the WHO and FDA (who takes recommendations from National Institutes of Health (NIH) which happens to be run by FAUCI’s wife Christine Grady) are on a mission. the facts are out there, i cant make people listen…like the old adage you can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink….

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    1. Excellent – ALL of this stuff is so often contradictory and they are still censoring/shutting up anyone who has the credentials and the proof to defy them.

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  3. I think OSF/St. Joe’s lost their religion along time ago. When is the last time you’ve heard of them standing up for a patient that suffered in their hands? Huh? Nope, never. Not very righteous like.

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  4. If doctors get fired and open their own office, please let us know who they are so we can switch providers. Also if any of the local independent places are fighting the mandate to protect their employees, please share so we can support.

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