Koos goes even farther left

By: Diane Benjamin

Packet for Tuesday: https://normal.org/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/4067

History moment:

Uptown was planned by Doug Farr from Chicago. He is the source of no street parking, just like Chicago. Next Normal was advised by Lyle Sumek, he lives in Florida. He got fired. Tuesday night the Council will approve this:

Does Chris Koos keep hiring consultants so he has somebody else to blame if plans don’t work? Is Chris Koos not capable of local planning? The “professional staff” can’t research and make recommendations? Are students at the University of Wisconsin in Madison going to be making recommendations for Normal now?

This statement sums up what Chris Koos signed up for:

Let me interpret: Capitalism bad, government needs to “imagine” your future because they are way smarter than you individuals who make bad decisions. (Karl Marx 101)

That statement is on a linked page from the Mayor’s Innovation Project: https://cows.org/building-the-high-road/

That page is from one of the founders, Joel Rogers: https://mayorsinnovation.org/what-we-do/

You might recognize that name from the Obama Administration. His organization is called COWS (yes I’m still laughing), Center on Wisconsin Strategy.

A quick search shows who Joel Rogers is:

Normal will be getting advice from an organization that prefers collectivism, hates capitalism, and hates your freedom to make your own decisions. Congrats Normal. This group perfectly proves how college kids enter school patriot and exit indoctrinated in Marxists ideology.

The Council will also be reviewing the newly released financial statement, now 6 months old. They will also hear the Financial Trend and Condition Report.







7 thoughts on “Koos goes even farther left

  1. The more the planners plan the more they get things wrong. The last ten years all the planners and left wing mayors across the country including BloNo told us the new millinieals wanted to live downtown in city centers and ride bikes.
    Now real data shows they are fleeing urban centers for the suburbs. Why? Failed Social policies of those same mayors. High crime. High taxes. High cost of living.

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  2. YOU pretty much ANSWERED your OWN questions here Diane, IS Koos capable of strategic thinking, well, HOW LONG was #1 uptown a MUD HOLE.
    Wanna bet on which lasts longer in Normal-Rivian or an ice cream treat from Karls in July.
    Yes, Farr was/is a nut job and Madison has ALSO always been a “hot bed” for people? with far out there ideologies, as has Boulder, Berkeley, etc.
    Let me tell you, as a geologist, these folks will CONVINCE themselves on paper that water CAN and WILL run uphill, until that project is built and that damn course that NONE of these idiots attend at their conferences-PHYSICS, comes into the picture and the water don’t do what they commanded it to do.. Then it’s someone else’s fault.

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  3. I can remember listening to Doug Farr reminisce about his college days at the University of Michigan. He was particularly proud of being a summer anarchist for organized labor. One night he recounted with glee how he and some of his buddies threw bricks threw windows at a non-union shop on orders from a union head.He got paid for the deed but I don’t recall how much. It also wasn’t the only time. Happy Labor Day everyone.

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  4. The people of Normal deserve what they are getting. They consistently vote to be represented by left wing nut jobs. All of the debt spending they are doing won’t matter until mid-recession, when all the sudden it does matter and they have to raise taxes again to service the debt.

    The sad part is, 49% of the people who voted the other way are being dragged along into this mess.

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    1. Spot on, Commenting101. Most of the Koos voters like that he puts on festivals and is not “boring” like that “mean” other guy who wants the Town to live within its means. They go to the Chamber and other local events trying way too hard to hobnob with the clique members who laugh at them for thinking they’re anything more than a useful idiot.

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  5. It looks like this is an underhanded push to Obama’s goal to divest from fossil fuels and push the green new deal. Will mayor Koos reveal that he really wants to do is divest from fossil fuel? Or does he even know about the true goals of the Mayors Innovation Project. Maybe change the name to Mayors Deflection Project?

    Obama Embraces the Divestment Movement: From Apartheid to Climate Change

    Way back in 2013 Obama was on a divestment kick. Divesting from Fossil Fuel among other things.

    The Mayors Innovation Project was gushing all over Obama at the time.
    Here’s the excerpt of interest – 2013 article HuffPo

    “It was terrific to hear [Obama] say that,” remarked James Irwin of the Mayors Innovation Project, which works to get local governments to divest. “It’s tremendously powerful that the president has the back of the elected leaders of the 16 cities and 2 counties that have committed to divest, and a sure sign that the movement has struck a real chord. We hope this will lead to many more mayors committing to divest.”

    If no one can drive or park cars on the streets a couple of things happen.
    1. No need for fossil fuels.
    2. No need for pipelines, right Joe? Who’s pulling your string?
    3. Big need for bicycles.

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