Is Normal picking winners and losers AGAIN?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Normal has a long history of doing things for friends that us common folk would never get.  Think of all the below market leases and cheap rent.

One of their friends, Destihl, wanted to sell packaged liquor.  They are mentioned by name in an email from Pam Reece:

dest 1

It gets worse – Normal is now advertising for Destihl!

On the Town of Normal Facebook page:


A gallon will cost you $56.65

I don’t see ads for any other business on the Town’s facebook page.  Why did they advertise for Destihl?  Because it’s a much needed product?

I would buy that if Normal ever advertised for other local businesses.  Are their products not much needed?

If you own a business in Normal, demand they advertise for you too.  If one business deserves free ads, you all do.



10 thoughts on “Is Normal picking winners and losers AGAIN?

  1. It is not an ad, it is offering a resource many don’t know about to get hand sanitizer in a otherwise, very unchallenging market to get! Its a win /win for the business’s that need it. And helps a local merchant to stay afloat! If any business in Bloomington/Normal starts to make masks, I’m sure they would also be given the same courtesy!! At some points you just wanna hab for absolutely no reason! Stick with your goal, to point out flaws in the system….this is not one of them !!


    1. Interesting article. While yes sanitizer has become a gold-like commodity, there are many places who have sold it for years.

      Should the town;
      – post when each location who has this commodity available to keep and even playing field?
      – post all businesses who newly added this item to their product offerings?
      – let businesses rely on their own advertising to inform consumers?

      Town employees could share the information via their own social media accounts. Government recommending one location over another is a different animal.

      Would it be appropriate for the town to;
      – advertise a church service which practice appropriate social distancing?
      – advertise a local insurance company’s COVID related insurance product?
      – recommend one internet provider or hot dog stand over another?

      Lines get extremely blurred when government gets in bed with for-profit businesses. This highlights this problem. I would be interested to hear the Chamber of Commerce’s opinion.

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  2. So you’re upset because a distillery is making hand sanitizer? Or you’re upset that the city manager used an example of a business that could sell and deliver liquor because of their liquor license? I would think that many more liquor stores are now able to do the same thing. What internet providers the town uses is pretty immaterial. Internet providers who offers their services for “free” is a new one–something that doesn’t exist.


  3. Everyone knows what is going on here. It’s a big club and only approved businesses and people are in it. The cabal takes care of it’s own. They buy bikes and throw dinner parties for them. They reward them with purchasing overpriced properties. They reward them with low or no rent deals. They give them sweet heart contracts.

    DESTIHL is part of the in crowd.

    CIRBN should have an office in City Hall.

    We all know that Leftist Socialist elites (the Koos cabal) believe they can do what can’t be done, pick winners.

    We (capitalists) know that only the market can determine winners.

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  4. They should push White Oak Brewery, they have far, far better beer than Destihl. In fact, Destihl is just awful, the other breweries in town are making beer far and above anything Destihl produces.


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