No Voter Suppression at ISU

By:  Diane Benjamin

A couple of days ago a comment was made on Facebook saying Republicans were trying to suppress the vote at ISU, and that’s why kids had to stand in long lines.

The person who made that comment must have not realized the election was a primary.  Suppressing democrat votes does nothing to help the GOP in a primary, especially when those enlightened college kids mostly voted for the socialist Bernie Sanders.   If he had been the Democrat nominee, he would have been easy to beat with facts.  Of course, now we know the primary was fixed so their voted didn’t matter anyway.

What the person also doesn’t realize is Kathy Michael knew there was a possibility of long lines, especially after same day registration was passed in Illinois.  She wanted an additional $60,000 in October of 2015 for more laptops and election judges – concentrating on ISU.

PDF page 4 and following:

I hope the guy who accused Kathy Michael of trying to suppress votes sees this. Facts matter.

I believe Nikita Richards has said pretty much the same thing.

It is impossible to know how many ISU kids will vote in any election.  The County Clerk could have tons of staff and laptops available and few show up.  Then the office would be accused of wasting money while the elections judges got paid to sit around all day.

Again, the only reason kids were standing in line was to vote for a socialist.  ISU should be fixing that problem, especially the County Board member who teaches there:  Erik Rankin.

One more note from the same minutes:

They are talking about the Bloomington Election Commission, not the County.

Another reason to vote to abolish BEC and put all elections in the County Clerk’s office.

6 thoughts on “No Voter Suppression at ISU

  1. BEC uses ExpressVote machines in each polling place for the disabled to use to vote. Since BEC is separate from the County Election Commission (and at that time there was no talk of combining the 2 commissions), there was no requirement that they purchase the same equipment as County.

    Also, I am told the County machines DO NOT PRINT VOTERS’ BALLOTS, like ExpressVote machines do. They just “collect” the votes and tabulate them on those machines’ memory sticks, so there is no way for the voter to verify their votes were correctly cast (which can be done on ExpressVote by reading the filled out ballot before being put into the common poll tabulator). I have more confidence in the ExpressVote machines casting my votes correctly than the County’s machines.

    From my BEC election judge experiences I trust Shannon’s choice for the machines BEC uses and am confident they do not disenfranchise voters.

    1. County Clerk election equipment have a paper trail, mandated by state law. The voter can view the paper trail, which is in the printer housing attached to the Touch Screen machine. BEC has nice new equipment; we are not ready to spend 1/2 million dollars of taxpayer dollars yet; our equipment is up-to-date, and passes state mandated tests each year, tests available to the public and media (mandated by law).

  2. Do facts matter to liars? Tell a lie often enough and it becomes the truth. Renner’s molded candidate has been trained well to jump through hoops.

  3. Today’s Democrat Party is not the Democrat Party of John F. Kennedy who stood against the Communism of Nikita Khrushchev and his threat of the Cuban missile crisis upon our society. I think 8 years of the Obama style leadership pulling our country to the extreme left has created such hate against our American Heritage, love and Patriotism for the America that many of us were raised with. Obama’s years of him and his mom living with the Communist radical Frank Marshall Davis who was on the FBI watch list schooled Obama in a very ugly fashion to be the poison pill that America was made to swallow especially when we see he is bankrolled by the evil world banker George Soros who has said since 1978 that he wants to destroy America and build a global world order built on Socialism. Yes today’s Democrat Party is not the Party of yesterday’s Democrat Party and is not much different then the Communist Party!

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