Dickie Durbin at ISU

By:  Diane Benjamin

The video of Dickie at ISU this morning is on Nikita Richards Facebook page.  He was here to endorse her.  The college Democrats plus Erik Rankin were there too.  The crowd didn’t look overwhelming.

Dickie came, in his own words, to support a Democrat “traffic cop” to elections.  Yes, Dickie, we’ve seen how the Democrat “traffic cops” operate in Chicago.  How many ballots will Nikita find in the trunk of a car?  How many polling places have to be kept open late until enough votes are cast to ensure the preferred results?

Ol’ Dickie accused Kathy Michael of voter suppression because early voting was delayed 12 day in a recent election.  Gee, that still leaves 28 days of early voting plus election day.  Snowflakes still couldn’t get to the poll?  Really Dickie?

I asked Kathy Michael for a statement.  Early voting was delayed here and in other counties because court challenges were still happening to names on the ballot.  Kathy had the permission of the State’s Attorney to delay early voting so the cost of re-printing ballots would not be forced on taxpayers.

Considering Nikita wants all new voting equipment and early voting locations out in the County, cost is immaterial.  She would have printed them anyway and possibly allowed voters to choose people who were kicked off the ballot by courts.

See the WJBC story here, the Bloomington Election Commission delayed early voting too (Dickie didn’t call them out!):   http://www.wjbc.com/2018/02/07/early-voting-delayed-by-ballot-dispute/

The video took place during working hours for the City of Bloomington.  I wonder if Nikita was getting paid to campaign on campus by the Bloomington taxpayers.

Nikita campaigns on integrity and moving forward.  The County Clerk has never had a complaint filed against the office for “voter suppression”.  Nikita wants to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.  She also thinks she should be elected so she can be the first Afro-American clerk.  She mentions inclusion and then divides by race.  Yep, she mentions the amazing Obama!

Nikita is creating issues to run on since none exist.  Dickie was just here to help the process.

NIkita called Dickie a hero.  Maybe she should get some facts first:   https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/01/is_dick_durbin_trustworthy_or_a_political_hack_the_media_loves.html

Dickie want to know when the GOP will clean up the white house mess.  The real question is when will the Democrats admit Obama was a failed president who stifled economic activity.  We now have much higher GDP growth, rising wages, increased economic activity, and  lowest unemployment in history – even for minorities.  Illinois isn’t participating because Dickie’s party is in charge.  Send Dickie a clear message with who you vote for.


6 thoughts on “Dickie Durbin at ISU

  1. The Democratic Party should distance themselves from Nikita Richards… but that would make sense… and nothing they do anymore makes much sense. I have to go… I think I am about to have a Spartacus moment….


  2. I hope everyone sees right through this feeble attempt to elect a divisive, no talent, progressive marxist to help renner. Richards replacing Kathy Michael would be a disaster.

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  3. Sorry, but I have NO TRUST in Nikita! That’s just ONE issue, and she has more issues then a person can count on their hands and feet.


  4. Nikita and the social justice warriors running for City Council will be the final death blow to Bloomington if elected. Time is running out for the local economy. I can’t imagine what business taxes, landlord fees, and other punish the “rich” schemes will be devised to separate earners from their wallets.

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  5. Sooooo, Did your expect “Dickie” to say anything good about the opposition when he came here to support her Democrat opponent?


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